{Feature} Miranda Snaps #5 – A Drabble and A Poem

A Drabble

Down Whippoorwill Road

The buzzards circle overhead. A train whistle blows distantly.

The man had taken me from the school parking lot. He’d seemed nice enough, genuinely asking for directions.

First day on the job. Do you know where Whippoorwill Road is?”

The shiny, yellow florist’s van full of flowers with the familiar “Macy’s Daisies” logo on the side didn’t look like the kind of cargo van that was driven by abductors. I know that now as I lie here rotting in the wild. It won’t be too long until I am completely devoured. I’ll have seemingly vanished. I will be missing forever.

and A Poem


The sunlit dewdrops

Fill until they can hold no more

Then they run down the windows

In rivulets

Just like every morning

They roll down the glass

Pooling at the base of the window

Seeping inside

Turning to mold

In the cracks

I can’t reach out and touch them

With my fingertips

Like I want to

They can only entertain from afar

For I am confined

A spider builds its web

Way up high in the corner

A moth landed there

And met its death

It, too, was confined

I’m wrapped in blankets

Not in the silkiness of the web

I just as well be

All my life is sucked away, too

I wonder when I’ll be fully depleted

I try to reach out my fingertips

But they’re heavy, concrete

The cardinal came again

I wanted to touch it

It only stared at me

The oak tree sways

It dances wildly in the storms

I hope it uproots

And crashes through the window

Freeing me like the birds

Day after day

Year after year

I am still here



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Miranda Crites

Miranda Crites is a reader, book reviewer, photographer, writer, and lover of horror from the ghostly woods of rural West Virginia. Miranda has always enjoyed reading, photography, and writing. She received her first camera as a gift when she was nine years old. The writing bug bit her at a very early age. She won the young writers’ contest in first grade and never stopped writing.

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