{Book Review} Dirty Water: Duane Bradley

Dirty Water: Duane Bradley

Reviewed By Steve Stred

This is the 4th of the Midnight Snacks Chapbooks that Unnerving and Eddie Generous kindly sent me for review.

Sadly this was 1000% a case of the wrong reader for this story.

It’s 1986.

The story follows a bumbling crook trying to score big with a big robbery. After connecting with another crook they decide to hit the big time – adult book stores on money pick up day.

Then things unravel as more twists and turns occur and the crooks discover they’re in deeper water or dirtier water than they expected.

Look, this is a fun shoot-em-up, adventure type tale, think a Denzel Washington movie or a Jason Statham or Mark Wahlberg summer blockbuster. But those aren’t movies I watch and this isn’t a story I would normally ever choose to read.

Bradley crafts a fun tale and the interactions are awesome, but this particular reader just didn’t fall into the story as I did with the other three chapbooks.

I definitely think it’s worth checking out if you enjoy the previously mentioned movies that I’d relate this story to but ultimately for this reader, it just didn’t click.

Dirty Water

You can buy Dirty Water from Unnerving

Steve Stred

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