Review Policy

Kendall Reviews is a blog I started as a hobby in January 2017. I’m delighted that things have grown so quickly, I’ve developed relationships with a variety of authors and publishers and get a buzz when they contact me to ask me to review something of theirs.

One of the major issues in running a book blog is that of course books deserve time to be read and reviewed properly, fitting that in alongside my real life, which also includes a wife and two children means that a backlog will form. From talking to other bloggers my ‘TBR’ pile isn’t too bad, and I am slowly working through it, but some titles will slip unfortunately.

Unless I have discussed with you that a review will be submitted by a certain date than it’s a case of I’ll get to your book when I have the opportunity. Please don’t pester me asking if I have read your book.

I only accept physical books to review. There are a variety of reasons for this, but the main points for me are you really can’t beat the feeling and smell of a good book, the very act of turning the page is something I don’t want to lose. Additionally, I can carry the physical copy around with me and people will see the cover or sneakily try to read the synopsis. On several occasions I have had people ask me about a book I was reading due to the cover.

So there you have it, thank you for considering Kendall Reviews.