Review Policy.

Review Policy

Kendall Reviews is a UK based blog established in January 2017. In that time I’ve developed relationships with a variety of authors and publishers and feel that the blog is gaining a solid reputation for fair reviews and a dedicated passion towards supporting the horror community.

Kendall Reviews accepts both digital & physical books for review.

I’m happy to accept books from all size presses for review consideration.

Unless I have discussed with you that a review will be submitted by a certain date then it’s a case of I’ll get to your book when I have the opportunity. Please don’t pester me asking if I have read your book.

If you do want a release date review then please make that clear and I’ll endeavour to make that work. Otherwise, a review for your book could be hosted anything up to 2 or 3 months after receipt (but usually sooner).

I have multiple review requests coming in every day. I do try to reply to each and every mail. Apologies if you slip through the net. If you haven’t heard from me then may I suggest resubmitting the request a week or so later.

The Kendall Review of your book will appear initially on my blog and then appear on Goodreads, Facebook, Amazon and other social media.

I will always try to finish a book, I make a point of reading at least 50% before I decide if it’s a DNF. I won’t review a DNF and will most likely contact the author/publisher to explain why I couldn’t finish.

To Request A Review

Could you please send any review requests to only.

As part of the request could I please ask for the following information?

  • Your name, email and website address.
  • Are you the author, publisher or publicist.
  • The name of the book, cover, page count and brief spoiler-free synopsis/blurb.

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