Books Of Blood Advent Calendar – A Tribute To Clive Barker

The Books Of Blood Advent Calendar

A Tribute To Clive Barker

Clive Barker’s Books Of Blood is my favourite book. End of. That’s it. Each story offers something new and shaped me into the reader I am today. To be honest, I’m not sure I’d still be reading today if it wasn’t for finding these six books as an impressionable teenager.

It wasn’t just me that Clive made an impression on. For the next 24 days, I’m delighted to bring you thoughts and reflections on each story within the Books Of Blood from fans all over the world.

I’m honoured to bring you the Kendall Reviews ‘Books Of Blood’ Advent Calendar.

Introduction – Paul Kane

Door 1: The Book Of Blood – Alan Baxter

Door 2: The Midnight Meat Train – Yvonne Miller

Door 3: The Yattering And Jack – Caryn Larrinaga

Door 4: Pig Blood Blues – Michael Sellars

Door 5: Sex, Death And Starshine – Tabatha Wood

Door 6: In The Hills, The Cities – J.C. Robinson

Door 6: Dread – S.P. Wilson

Door 7: Hell’s Event – Cody Langille

Door 8: Jacqueline Ess; Her Last Will And Testament – Paul Flewitt

Door 8: The Skin Of The Fathers – Nat Cassidy

Door 9: The New Murders In The Rue Morgue – Dean M. Drinkel

Door 10: Son Of Celluloid – Matt Adcock

Door 11: Rawhead Rex – Richard Gerlach

Door 12: Confession Of A (Pornographer’s) Shroud – Mark West

Door 13: Scape-Goats – Joseph Sale

Door 13: Human Remains – George Daniel Lea

Door 14: The Inhuman Condition – Steve L. Clark

Door 15: The Body Politic – Ben Walker

Door 15: Revelations – Dave Jeffery

Door 16: Down, Satan! – T.J. Tranchell

Door 17: The Age Of Desire – James Bennett

Door 17: The Forbidden – RJ Remoraman

Door 18: The Madonna – Matthew R. Davis

Door 19: Babel’s Children – Hugh McStay

Door 20: The Life Of Death – Nat Whiston

Door 21: How Spoilers Bleed – Gary J. Van Lare

Door 22: Twilight At The Towers – Paul Flewitt

Door 22: The Last Illusion – Pete Mesling

Door 23: Cabal – Jo Blair

Door 24: The Book Of Blood (A Postscript): On Jerusalem Street – Alan Baxter

Afterword – Peter Atkins