Isolation Tales Archive

These are the most testing times the human race have faced since World War II. This time the enemy is unseen, an enemy so powerful it’s forcing many of us to retreat back into our houses. It’s here that people will try to continue to live as normal a life as they can and it’s here that the wonderful art of storytelling may blossom. Be it, young children sitting in front of a parent, or a person sadly on their own listening to the radio, stories will be spread and remembered, to be told to future generations once this horrible virus has faded.

I wanted to be able to share some stories with the fiends of Kendall Reviews, stories to help people get through these difficult times.

If you have a tale you’d like to share then please contact me via email

Isolation Tales

Fear – Stephen Volk

The House Of Bones – Silvia Brown, Miranda Crites, Fiona Dodwell & Michelle Enelen

In Sorrow Thou Shalt Bring Forth Children – Thomas Emson

Swell Head – Stephen Volk

Easter – Stephen Volk

Snow On A Clear Night – Steve Stred

The Crate – J.A. Sullivan

Cacophony In B-Minor – D.T. Griffith

Bedtime Story – Jeff Dosser

Grand Guignol In A Can – Madeleine Swann

Death’s Escape – Miranda Crites

Mulberry Cove Historical Society – Elizabeth Wilson

Parallel – B.P. Gregory