Whitefeather Black Raven Author Imber Blu – Why Do You Write Horror?

Why Do I Write Horror?

By Imber Blu

Horror is unique. Horror is the unexpected and the unexplained. It can be situations in life that are horrific bleeding out into words on a page or something that hasn’t, or even couldn’t, truly exist. 

Romance is writing with an intent to make the reader swoon & yearn for something they may or may not be able to attain in reality, science fiction is taking elements of modern technology and creating something magical and/or futuristic. These genres are fascinating to me. I think it takes a talented and passionate person to write anything. Horror though… that’s where you reach the true emotions of the human race as I see it.

As people we want to feel something; anything. We get angry in traffic, we cry when a child hears for the first time but what we want, or possibly need, is the drama that unfolds in frightening situations. Horror causes you to think about your own safety, your own mortality, what you would or wouldn’t do in the situation that the characters are in. 

Let’s take me for example. I grew up in a strict household and my outlet to imagination was art and reading. I gravitated toward scary stories, most often Stephen King, because it takes you to a place you don’t want to be but helps you know not only why the person is there but how the situation will end. It’s a strong imagination stimulator. There is no difference in wanting to jump from behind a door & yell “boo!”, to go into a ‘haunted house’ on Halloween to be scared or in rubbernecking at a car accident… we are all interested on varying levels in the scare or shock factor. The drama of it all summons our attention organically.

To me, horror is my comfort place. When I’m writing I forget about time and responsibilities, literally setting my alarm to remind myself to do things. My readers have said the same. I’ve heard, “I only put it down to make dinner for my kids”. That’s why. That exact reaction. My love doesn’t just fall into the horror genre but it spills out onto the characters and twists that I write (and do I love a good twist). Doing what has been a gnawing passion of mine my entire life and giving others what they desire is of the upmost importance to me. 

Being able to do what I love, for the audience I love, while being able to ‘work’ from home for & with the children that I love is a dream come true. That’s why I write horror. It makes my soul burn with passion and it keeps my mind reeling with imagination and ‘what-if’s’. 

Whitefeather Black Raven

Ivy and her sister Jade have long known of their grandfather’s traditions as a Cherokee medicine man. They learned his ways and beliefs when he took them in after the death of their parents. They were raised in beautiful Sevier County, TN and had seemingly normal lives. That is, until their grandfather dies. What had seemed like folklore & silly mythology suddenly becomes a grim and terrifying reality upon his death. Now they’re forced to remember his life & beliefs in order to survive the beasts that are coming for their hearts… their remaining years. 
The Raven Mockers are real and they’re back. These evil witches have been kept at bay with their Eduda’s powerful medicine & knowledge. Without him they must learn fast, digging up ancient events and learning all that they can, in order to survive the ghastly and gruesome fates at the hands of the shape-shifting creatures. They often appear as elderly people but soon they realize they can appear as anyone… or anything.
A blood pact, a treaty, has been broken. Something their grandfather did in his younger years has left the beasts hungry for revenge on their family.
Ivy searches for help from her grandfather’s friend Rose, a wonderful woman known as a Granny Witch. She’s not like the bad witches, or so she hopes.
A few lessons are of upmost importance.
Family first.
Don’t be scared.
Trust no one.

You can buy Whitefeather Black Raven from Amazon UK Amazon US

Imber Blu

My name is Imber Blu. I’m from Gatlinburg, TN where I currently live with my four children; two boys and two girls. Usually I can be found at home writing/reading, in the library or the gym. It’s not the gym you’re probably thinking… I’m talking about the basketball gymnasium. My children are athletes as I was growing up. I can also be seen raising awareness for Shwachman Diamond Syndrome… which is extremely rare but my youngest daughter has.

As far as writing goes I wrote my first book at the age of eight and I never wanted to stop. Winning an award for it meant more to me than my basketball, art and music awards. Currently I have two novels; St. Charles Asylum and Whitefeather ~ Black Raven.

There’s seldom a time when I don’t have a/or multiple works in progress.

You can find out more about Imber by visiting www.imberblu.com

You can follow Imber on Twitter @AuthorImberBlu

Imber’s Amazon Page can be found here

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