{Graveyard Shift} Writer, reviewer and killer of authors, Janine Pipe is this week’s warden.

I want this to be a platform for EVERYONE within the horror community; authors, publishers, bloggers, reviewers, actors, directors, artists. I could go on, if you work in the genre then you are more than welcome to apply for the job.

The rules are quite simple…

You are invited to imagine yourselves as warden for an old graveyard, and choose eight books, preferably horror/dark genre, to take with you to cover your shift; here you can discuss why you chose the books.

As well as the books, wardens are allowed one song/album to listen to. Again, an explanation for this choice is required.

You must also discuss one luxury item you can bring, which must be inanimate and not allow communication.

If you’d like to take part in The Graveyard Shift then please submit an application to gavin@kendallreviews.com

A new shift is about to begin. The warden for the week’s #GraveyardShift is…

Janine Pipe


The Other People By C J Tudor

Caz is one of my favourite authors and I am currently reading this, which is her latest tome. Her work is darkly chilling and atmospheric and I would need to take this with me to finish as soon as possible.

The Hunger By Alma Katsu

I really love American history, and pioneer times are fascinating to me. The fact that this book is based on the real-life horrors of the Donner party was enough to make me love it. Add in the dark fictional twists and turns and it is perfect to read in a graveyard.

Leaders of the Pack – Werewolf anthology by Horrific Tales Publishing

This is top of my TBR list and why wouldn’t you want to read about werewolves when you are alone in the dark surrounded by dead people?

Desperation By Stephen King

This is my favourite King book. I have read it around 5 times already but never bore of it. It’s like an old friend. It also belonged to my husband before I commandeered it so it will remind me of him whilst I am all alone …

IT By Stephen King

I read this years and years ago and keep promising myself I will go back to it. I love the new films and the 80’s to present time style of writing is both nostalgic as that’s when I grew up and similar to my own style of writing.

Gone Baby, Gone By Dennis Lehane 

Not strictly horror, but definitely dark fiction. Boston is my all-time favourite city and Lehane along with King is one of the best authors I have ever read. Similar to Desperation, I have read this (and seen the movie) several times and it never gets old. I love the characters and it makes me so sad and angry at the world. We also watched the movie actually in Boston.

Dante’s Inferno 

I have never read this. The length and style look daunting, even if the subject matter looks cool as Hell (get it?). If I have hours to whittle away in a cemetery, this will keep me busy.

The Haunting Hour By R L Stine 

I loved R L Stine books as a kid and teen and this is just pure nostalgia. I really want to try my hand at some YA horror so this might inspire me. Plus I am hopeful that my 10 year old might one day follow in my footsteps and read some Goosebumps. I read Salem’s Lot at 9 but she is a real scaredy-cat bless her.


Highway to Hell By AC/DC

Highway to Hell is one of my most favourite songs ever. It has been my ringtone on my mobile for years. I grew up listening to it on vinyl as my dad was a big fan. It is also one of Dean Winchester’s songs and he is my TV husband. Obviously …


The biggest box possible of Ferrero Rocher 

No deep explanation for this. I just adore them and could eat a whole box in one sitting. Hence needing the biggest box possible. Mmm chocolate …

Janine Pipe

Janine has loved to write spooky stories and tales with a twist since she was at school. She is a huge fan of Stephen KING, first devouring Salem’s Lot at the tender age of just 9. Her work is heavily influenced by this. She also loves C J TUDOR and credits fellow Swindon horror writer Graeme REYNOLDS as an unofficial mentor. You can find her stories on Ghost Stories the Podcast, Graveyard Tales and Tales to Terrify. She shares some of her original shorts and flash fiction on her blog, Janine’s Ghost Stories, where she also reviews and interviews authors of horror.

She loves to chat about all things horror and Disney related over at @Disneynine on Twitter.

Find out more about Janine by visiting her official website www.janineghoststories.wordpress.com


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