{Graveyard Shift} The Place Between Worlds: P.J. Blakey-Novis is this week’s warden.

I want this to be a platform for EVERYONE within the horror community; authors, publishers, bloggers, reviewers, actors, directors, artists. I could go on, if you work in the genre then you are more than welcome to apply for the job.

The rules are quite simple…

You are invited to imagine yourselves as warden for an old graveyard, and choose eight books, preferably horror/dark genre, to take with you to cover your shift; here you can discuss why you chose the books.

As well as the books, wardens are allowed one song/album to listen to. Again, an explanation for this choice is required.

You must also discuss one luxury item you can bring, which must be inanimate and not allow communication.

If you’d like to take part in The Graveyard Shift then please submit an application to gavin@kendallreviews.com

A new shift is about to begin. The warden for the week’s #GraveyardShift is…

P.J. Blakey-Novis

You can buy The Place Between Worlds from Amazon UK & Amazon US

As a fan of the outdoors and all things spooky, tonight’s Graveyard shift feels like something I’m perfectly suited to. I’ve seen enough horror movies, and read enough scary stories, that I’m sure (well, fairly sure) that I will survive the night. It took me a little while to get my belongings together, but I think I have a suitable selection.

KR: Survive the night P.J.? I don’t think you’ve read the small print my friend. You are in for the week and the gates are locked!


Tales in Sombre Tones by Sean Walter & Artwork by Karen Ruffles

As a big fan of short story collections and anthologies, this book was my first thought when preparing for my shift. The cover art alone gives off an eerie feel, and the images throughout the book are both beautiful and disturbing. Walter has put together a variety of stories, all guaranteed to keep me on edge through the night.

Under Rotting Sky by Matthew V. Brockmeyer

Another collection of shorts, and this one is my favourite of all time. From the unsettling to the shocking, this is a collection of shorts to be enjoyed over and again.

The Pagoda by Shane McIntire

This was one of those novels I went into completely blind. I was not familiar with the author and didn’t know what to expect at all. What I found was a beautiful piece of writing; a novel that could certainly be described as haunting and, hence, perfect for this night’s shift.

The Shadow Over Innsmouth by H.P. Lovecraft

I’m sure this story doesn’t need much introduction but it’s one of my favourites of Lovecraft’s. Unsettling, eerie, and thrilling in equal measures.

Christ on a Bike by D.J. Doyle

Just in case things get a little too scary in the Graveyard, I’ve prepared by bringing along one of my favourite comedy-horror shorts, Christ on a Bike. This is a hilarious short story about a group of Irish priests battling demons.

Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories

Gutted is another anthology and one that caught my eye based on the cover alone – it really is stunning. The book has an incredible line-up (Clive Barker, Neil Gaiman, Ramsey Campbell, and many more) and is one of the finest anthologies I’ve read. It was also my first introduction to the books put out by the superb Crystal Lake Publishing.

100 Word Horrors by Kevin J. Kennedy

This book felt like a good thing to bring along. Quick pieces of fiction to dip in and out of, should my night be disturbed by anything unnatural. This was my first introduction to drabbles (I was lucky enough to have been invited to contribute) and it was a great way to discover new writers.

Pet Sematary by Stephen King

This one won’t need any introduction but it’s one that I have never read! So tonight, among the gravestones, seems like a good time to begin.


Dawn Of The Dead By Goblin

When it came to choosing an album, I had to go for something which suited the mood. I also struggle to read with music on so that was also a consideration. Based on where the night would be spent, I’ve selected the soundtrack to Dawn of the Dead which can play on repeat until the sun begins to rise, unless the dead rise before then.


For the luxury item, assuming no electrical devices, I’d have to bring a notepad and pen to jot down story ideas for my next book. If notebook and pen counts as two items, then I’ll just take the pen and I’ll have to scribble notes on my skin instead.

The Place Between Worlds: P.J. Blakey-Novis

You can buy The Place Between Worlds from Amazon UK & Amazon US

P.J. Blakey-Novis

P.J. Blakey-Novis is a British writer living on the south coast of England. He has just released his fifth collection of short horror stories, The Place Between Worlds, and has had stories included in more than twenty anthologies.

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