{Graveyard Shift} Marie O’Regan, George Mann, Laura Mauro and SJI Holliday are co-wardens at the Kendall Reviews Cemetery.

I want this to be a platform for EVERYONE within the horror community; authors, publishers, bloggers, reviewers, actors, directors, artists. I could go on, if you work in the genre then you are more than welcome to apply for the job.

The rules are quite simple…

You are invited to imagine yourselves as warden for an old graveyard, and choose eight books, preferably horror/dark genre, to take with you to cover your shift; here you can discuss why you chose the books.

As well as the books, wardens are allowed one song/album to listen to. Again, an explanation for this choice is required.

You must also discuss one luxury item you can bring, which must be inanimate and not allow communication.

If you’d like to take part in The Graveyard Shift then please submit an application to gavin@kendallreviews.com

A new shift is about to begin and things are going to be a little different. There will be four authors working the shift, Marie O’Regan, George Mann, Laura Mauro and SJI Holliday.

To celebrate Absinthe Books, a new novella imprint via PS Publishing, all four will work this weeks #GraveyardShift.

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An introduction to Absinthe Books.

Marie O’Regan

The idea of a new novella imprint was first mentioned by Pete and Nicky Crowther of PS Publishing while we were chatting in the bar at FantasyCon last year after a lovely dinner. They wanted to start a new novella imprint and they asked me to run it, with the only brief being to introduce new names to PS readers – although I can of course approach writers known to PS who I feel fit the remit. We came up with the name Absinthe Books during another post-dinner drinks conversation – this time at PS Towers, in January of this year. Various names were being suggested, Nicky came up with the idea of perhaps using a plant or herb, and it reminded me of a time James Herbert invited me to try absinthe. I’d never had it, but it smelled exactly like Pernod, which I did love, back in the day – and of course absinthe’s similar. Jim was one of my favourite writers, and it felt like a nice nod to name the imprint after that. Luckily Pete and Nicky agreed and Absinthe Books was born, with Ben Baldwin being commissioned to create the beautiful logo. At the moment, we’re doing three Absinthe Books titles a year – the first three being George MannLaura Mauro and SJI Holliday; the only limit being that the titles should have some speculative element, be that science fiction, horror or fantasy. The three novellas are very different in tone, but all great stories that I hope readers will love.

To read Marie O’Regan’s Graveyard Shift please click the cover of Marie’s latest book Cursed.


Twenty curses, old and new, from bestselling fantasy authors such as Neil Gaiman, Christina Henry, M.R. Carey and Charlie Jane Anders.


It’s a prick of blood, the bite of an apple, the evil eye, a wedding ring or a pair of red shoes. Curses come in all shapes and sizes, and they can happen to anyone, not just those of us with unpopular stepparents…

Here you’ll find unique twists on curses, from fairy tale classics to brand-new hexes of the modern world – expect new monsters and mythologies as well as twists on well-loved fables. Stories to shock and stories of warning, stories of monsters and stories of magic.

You can buy Cursed from Amazon UK & Amazon US

To read George Mann’s Graveyard Shift please click the cover of George’s latest book Broken Things.

Broken Things: A Tale Of Durstan

The goddess Amaranth, Queen of the Broken, has been reborn for the first time in generations and now resides once more in her distant tower, observing the world through her strange, fractured eyes. Three pilgrims set out on the trail to find her, each for their own reasons: Pallor, the Knight of Perish, who wishes to die by a worthy hand and will challenge the goddess to a fight to the death; Nok, the tribal Wolkin, who carries her brother’s bones to beg Amaranth to restore him to the afterlife; and Ambrose, the monk, charged by his Order to seek the answer to the unanswerable question at the heart of his faith. Each of these pilgrims will be tested on the road to their inevitable convergence—and each will be granted answers, of a sort, from the Broken Queen…

You can buy Broken Things: A Tale Of Dreams directly from PS Publishing HERE

To read Laura Mauro’s Graveyard Shift please click the cover of Laura’s latest book On The Shoulders Of Otava.

On The Shoulders Of Otava

Siiri Tuokkola takes up arms for the Women’s Guard during Finland’s 1918 Civil War along with her comrades.

Stationed in a remote village outpost, rumours of strange things in the woods come to a head when Siiri’s comrade Mirva goes missing in a blizzard. Determined to find her, Siiri braves the deep forest, where mysterious lights weave through the trees, and those who look upon them for too long may find themselves afflicted by a strange madness.

But there are worse things in the forest than lights, and Siiri must face them if she is to find Mirva before it’s too late.

You can buy On The Shoulders Of Otava directly from PS Publishing HERE

To read SJI Holliday’s Graveyard Shift please click the cover of Susi’s latest book Mr Sandman.

Mr. Sandman

Sophie is bored with her perfectly nice but deathly dull boyfriend Matthew. Sensing he’s about to lose her, Matthew takes her on a last-ditch attempt trip to the seaside, hoping to rekindle their dying flames.

But things take a dark turn when Sophie visits Mr Sandman, a Haitian priest, who claims that he can change Matthew into the boyfriend that she wants.

But does Sophie really know what she wants? Never has the phrase “be careful what you wish for” been more apt.

Because Matthew does change…just not in the way that anyone could’ve predicted.

You can buy Mr. Sandman directly from PS Publishing HERE

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