{Feature} Of One Pure Will author Farah Rose Smith – Why Do You Write Horror?

Why Do I Write Horror?

By Farah Rose Smith

  • Hardback: 192 pages
  • Publisher: Egaeus Press (15 Jun. 2019)

Farah Rose Smith is a writer, musician, and photographer whose work often focuses on the Gothic, Decadent, and Surreal. She authored THE ALMANAC OF DUST, EVISCERATOR, numerous short stories in horror and speculative anthologies, and is the founder and editor of MANTID, an anthology series promoting women and diverse writers in Weird Fiction. Her experimental film work has festival received accolades, including Best Short Screenplay (Rapture, 2016) at the Massachusetts Independent Film Festival and Best Experimental Film (The Atrocity Shoppe, 2015) at the Shawna Shea Film Festival. She lives in Queens, NY with her partner.

Why I Write

I write for the fearful, and those who have disappeared.

For the dead and dying.

Those with skin as thin as eggshells, dipped in a certain impossible mud, still swimming.

For senses brought to stillness by disease.

For those experiencing life as an impossible sharpness.

For the stillborn, tired, and defeated.

For the dancer with broken feet.

I write for the painter with mangled fingers.

For the devil inside myself who rents a room in every soul.

For the remnants of angels falling as dust through rays of sun.

For everyone and for no one.

I write for my miscarried children.

For my grandmother who won’t remember me soon.

I write for the thread of justice in all things heavy.

For the memory of that which was light in the earliest days.

I write for the sick child in her bed, reading reading reading,

For want of another life.

Not better or worse, but fuller, brighter, longer.

I write for the worry, the tests of life and love,

And those extinguished without sound,

For being fragile, for being depressed.

I write for my friends.

I write for my mother and my husband, my best friends.

And write again and again for them, a chance to paint gold and glory,

In a permanent place among all things tired,

For when I am old – to remember,

And when I am gone – to live again.

-Farah Rose Smith, Why I Write, June 2019

Farah Rose Smith


You can find out more about Farah Rose by visiting her official website http://farahrose92.wixsite.com/grimoirepictures

Follow Farah Rose on Twitter @farahrosesmith

Of One Pure Will

“restlessly dreamish, dark tales.”

The stories incorporate themes including bodily transcendence, disability, disgust, monstrosity, and eroticism, and often invoke the styles of writers from the Gothic, Decadent, and Symbolist eras.

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The history of art is littered with Great Men and the Muses they use as stepping stones to brilliance. In this shockingly lyrical, endlessly rich and luxurious nightmare of a novel, the Muse turns. Yet, it is not so much a tale of vengeance or comeuppance as it is a heroine’s journey, as Anonyma survives doomscapes almost beyond imagination and the transgressions of mere men, mere artists, survives the horrors imposed upon the feminine to rediscover her own magic and power. Anonyma, novel and narrator, holds up a dark mirror to our paradigm of art as a kind of device for reducing women to Platonic ideals while staging theophanies for men. But she also holds the mirror to herself, her sisters, even, daring to hope, a daughter. ANONYMA is a novel full of blood and love and despair and courage.

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