You wanna hear something really scary? Ben Walker shares his favourite Halloween music.

People often ask me, “do people really often ask you things which you later use as a lead-in for an article?”and I say no, but would you like a run down of my favourite Hallowe’en music? Then I tell them anyway.

Frankenstein Twist – The Crystals

If you’re having a party this goes down just as well as the Monster Mash, especially when everyone tries to work out just what the fuck the Frankenstein twist is meant to look like. Is it the doctor or the monster doing it?

The Witch – The Sonics

Dirty sax and a fast beat with growling vocals that warn you of a witchy woman with a big car who likes knocking on doors. Not that spooky, but you can dance to it.

Sighs (Suspiria OST) – Goblin

Here’s where it starts getting scary. This whole soundtrack gives me the creeps, but this is the track I always throw on when October nights come down. It’s just so weird, then moves into gothic territory, with whispers in all directions. Stick your headphones on and the shivers are guaranteed.

Promise (Reprise) (Silent Hill 2 OST) – Konami Kukeiha Club

Short but sweet – no, wait, I mean short but spine-tingling. Not only evocative of the game’s terrifying atmosphere, but a haunting piece on its own. If you haven’t played the game, this will put you in mind of 80’s slashers, with the rest of the OST bouncing between happy pop and nerve-shredding industrial rock.

The Black Dog Runs at Night (Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me OST) – Thought Gang

Just reading those words puts me on edge, thanks to David Lynch’s fright-inducing movie. Put this one on in the dead of night and you can picture yourself in a Lynchian nightmare, magnified and complemented as usual by Angelo Badalamenti’s twisted soundscapes.

That’s enough of a mix to give you a head start with your own seasonal mixtape I reckon. Now, ask me what Xmas songs I like.

Ben Walker

Ben Walker is a British reviewer/writer who had his tiny mind ruined by an illicit viewing of John Carpenter’s The Thing when he was a young lad, and his mind is still pretty tiny and ruined now. His past review credits include reviews & interviews on the sadly defunct UK Horror Scene website. Nowadays you can find him on YouTube talking about the weird books & movies that tickle his fancy.

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