Year 47 – Bo Chappell (Kendall Reviews Giveaway)

Bo Chappells post apocalyptic western Year 47 is a year old. To celebrate this, Bo has created a stunning New West care package, of which only ten will exist. Kendall Reviews is delighted to be able to offer you the chance to win one of them! These packages will never be made available again and consist of a signed copy of the book, a soundtrack CD to accompany the novel as well as bookmark, poster and additional western themed paraphernalia.


There once was a creator who watched over you from the Heavens. Who kept you safe from his past and present. Who gave you all that you needed to build your own lives while guiding you home. Who knew your name and loved you. But He no longer existed, and His three houses were destroyed. Your countless prayers have gone unanswered, and your endless hopes have been buried in unmarked graves for forty-six years. With the walls torn away, the three became one. And among the blackened skies and arid soil of the New West walked a man with a gun and no purpose. A Stranger to you and everyone else. But as chance and fate collided, a lonely girl crossed the path he walked, carrying hope that her home was still out there waiting for her. How long can purpose be denied, and how far can hope carry two heavy hearts in an unknown land? There is no Heaven. There is no Hell. There just is. And you will bare witness to Year 47.

To enter the giveaway you can do the following…

Purchase a copy of Year 47 and post proof in the comments below (earns you one entry into the draw)

Follow Kendall Reviews on Twitter, retweet and reply to my Year 47 pinned post with #Year47. (earns you one entry into the draw)

The contest starts on October 1st 2017 and ends midnight October 27th 2017.

One winner will be picked at random and announced October 31st.

Please read the terms and conditions for more information.

Year 47 – Excerpt from Chapter 18:

“His  consciousness  wavering,  he  caught  only  bits  and  pieces  of   his voyage   along   the   way   to  his   undisclosed   destination.   The   sudden weightlessness,  the  sound  of   harsh  wind  blowing  past  his  face,  the  rigid grip  on  his  arms,  the  increasing  chill,  and  the  smokeless  smell  of   a campfire  flowed  into  his  subconscious  as  he  wrestled  against  sleep.

Just  below  him,  the  Stranger  could  see  a  hilltop  adorned  with  fourteen dead  trees  roughly  grouped  in  a  circle.  Their  skeletal  branches  were  forever halted  in  petrified  death  from  ever  reaching  the  sun,  resting  eternally  atop the  mount  of  darkness.

Lowered  into  the  center  of  the  dead  woodland,  the  wounded  Stranger was  tossed  haphazardly  to  the  ground.  The  additional  pain  upon  impact nudged  him  out  of  slumber’s  grasp  that  tried  to  drag  him  away  from  his existence.  The  Stranger’s  shallow,  sporadic  breathing  materialized  in  front of   his  groggy  eyes  as  an  icy  fog  rolled  in  through  the  trees  like  an occupying  military  force.  He  could  already  feel  his  body  shivering  as  if  he had  walked  into  a  meat  locker.  It  wouldn’t  be  long  before  hypothermia would  finish  the  job  started  before  his  abduction.

Kokabiel  and  Samyaza  landed  gracefully  on  either  side  of  their  angelic master  and  knelt  as  he  stepped  out  from  the  darkness. “Ah,  the  Daniel  in  the  den,”  Lucifer  commenced,  each  of  his  words producing  a  billowing  mist  in  the  night  air. Lucifer  saw  the  Stranger  clasping  the  battle  wounds  that  still  leaked blood.

“Wow,”  he  continued.  “Those  look  really  bad.  I’m  sorry  I  didn’t  reach you  sooner.  I  hope  you  don’t  bleed  to  death  before  I  get  a  chance  to converse  with  you.  I’ve  been  waiting  so  long.”

“Who  are  you?”,  the  Stranger  asked,  fearing  the  truth  of  who  it  was with  little  room  for  doubt.

Lucifer  came  closer  with  each  step  leaving  stalagmitic  ice  crystal patches  blossoming  in  his  wake.

“You  know  yourself  already,  but  yet  you  still  ask.  Perhaps  in  disbelief. I  would  have  hoped  my  reputation  had  amounted  to  something  quite substantial  at  this  point,  but  I  sometimes  wonder  just  how  recognizable  I am  in  these  current  times.  But  then  again,  maybe  you  just  had  to  be  sure before  you…”

In   an  instant,  the  gunfighter  drew  his  pistol  and  fired  his  last chambered  shot  directly  at  the  Prince  of   Darkness.  The  click  of  the hammer  sent  Lucifer’s  hand  in  front  of  his  face  defensively  as  if  the  bullet would  bounce  off  his  palm.

The  fallen  angels  were  motionless  as  if  time  had  stopped.  Even  after the   gunshot  had  faded,  Lucifer  remained  locked  in  his  pose  like  a mannequin.  Unable  to  see  his  face,  the  Stranger  was  utterly  confused  in  his state  and  left  wondering  of  the  outcome  up  until  the  moment  he  saw  the bullet  intended  for  ending  humanity’s  greatest  threat  of  salvation  nipped  in midair.

“…shoot  me,”  Lucifer  finished  with  mild  annoyance.

Mere  millimeters  from  Lucifer’s  forehead,  the  bullet  rested  between the  tips  of  his  extended  index  and  middle  fingers. He  casually  lowered  his hand  and  rolled  the  bullet  between  his  fingers  to  his  thumb  and  stared  at  it leisurely  like  a  found  trinket.

“So,  this  is  how  you’ve  defeated  my  minions  so  easily?”,  said  Lucifer. “And  here  I  thought  it  would  be  something  more  mythical.  Can’t  say  I’m not  disappointed  you’ve  simply  resorted  to  mechanical  toys,  especially  with what  that  girl  is  carrying.”

Lucifer  casually  crouched  next  to  the  slumped  Stranger  with  the  bullet still  in  the  clutch  of  his  fingers.

“You  know,  that’s  the  problem  with  always  doing  things  the  easy  way. Humans  grow  too  accustomed.  Then  when  anything  mildly  difficult  arises and  their  playthings  break,  it’s  a  crisis.”

Lucifer  noticed  the  dying  gunfighter  having  difficulty  grasping  the  idea of  having  a  conversation  with  “The  Devil”  himself.

“What?  Did  you  expect  the  whole  horns,  hooves,  and  pitchfork  thing? I  am  many  things,  but  one  thing  I  am  not  is  kitschy.  When  the  truth  isn’t entertaining  enough,  man  feels  it  necessary  to  embellish.  Even  when  the truth  itself  is  perfection.”

Lucifer  playfully  tossed  the  bullet  to  the  Stranger  with  undamaged hands.

“Here.  A  memento.  Don’t  think  I’m  not  impressed,  though.  It  was  a good  shot,”  Lucifer  said  with  thin  condescension.  “Dead  on.”

After the death of God has rendered Heaven, Hell, and Earth to merge, a lonely gunfighter must guide a lost girl back home in a year-long journey across an uncharted New West.

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Terms And Conditions
Contest begins on October 1st, 2017 12:00am and ends on October 27th, 2017 at 11:59pm. Winners will be picked at random and announced/notified on October 31st, 2017 and given two weeks to provide all the necessary information needed to ship the prize, including a viable shipping address.
Winners have the option to defer any or all of the prize packages, but no substitute will be offered in its place. Prizes are allowed to be given to another recipient of their choice, as long as the proper information is provided and the chosen substitute winner lives within the contest area.
Prize packages are expected to be shipped off no later than September 30, 2017. Should any act interfere with the production process and render them unable to be produced and/or given out, a cash equivalent will be offered to each winner. Winners also have the option to decline or divert this prize as well.
Prizes are not for commercial use, redistribution, or rerelease, and all accompanying trademarks and copyrights belong to the identified owners there in.
No purchase necessary. Open to residents of the US, Canada, Mexico, and the UK 18 years or age and older.
Contest runner holds the right to cancel the contest at any time, and neither he nor any accompanying hosting site will be held responsible for cancellation of contest, expected or otherwise.”

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