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July 2019: Tarn Richardson releases The Darkest Hand Trilogy

July 2019: Rutger Hauer (In Memoriam)

July 2019: Jacob’s Call by Rob Teun (Exclusive Fiction)

July 2019: Burying The Hatchet by Dustin Schyler Yoak and Bo Chappell

June 2019: Insatiable by Jack Bantry & Robert Essig (Cover Reveal)

June 2019: Suicide Solution by Rob Teun (Exclusive Fiction)

June 2019: Twisty discusses how horror transcends its own genre

May 2019: Richard Chizmar: Gwendy’s Magic Feather Announcement

April 2019: Luke Walker: Its The End Of The World As We Know It

April 2019: Chris Sorensen: Life And Death In Reverse

April 2019: Daniel Soule: The Black Cloak Of Its Wings (Exclusive Fiction)

March 2019: Claire Fitzpatrick: What’s On A Horror Writers’ Bookshelf?

March 2019: Daniel Soule: Inheritance (Exclusive Fiction)

February 2019: Theresa Braun: Why Write A Teenage Protagonist?

January 2019: Hunter Shea: The Therapeutic Power Of Writing

January 2019: Brian Fatah Steele: Inspirations for Bleed The Sky Away

December 2018: Gene Stewart: Critics & Especially Horror These Days

November 2018: Gwendolyn Kiste: Favourite Body Horror Shorts

November 2018: Don Gillette: Favourite Classic Haunted House Novels

November 2018: Steve Stred: Favourite Scary Book

November 2018: Ben Walker: Favourite Halloween Music

November 2018: Geek Men And The Masters Of The Thundernerds: Universal Threat Level

October 2018: Kyle M. Scott: The Haunting Of Hill House (An Appreciation)

October 2018: Madeleine Swann: Favourite Bizarro Books

September 2018: John FD Taff: Little Black Spots

September 2018: Mark Matthews: How Do Children Survive?

August 2018: Christa Carmen: Ten Short Stories by Women in Horror You Need To Read

August 2018: David Sodergren: Ten Underrated Video Nasties

June 2018: Mike Thorn – Favourite Horror Movies From The 2000’s

June 2018: Phil Sloman: What makes for a great short story?

May 2018: S.J. Budd – Writing Tips from Writers Who Know Their Shit

May 2018: Ken Stark – The Dreaded Blurb

May 2018: Michael Wehunt – Writing Advice

April 2018: John F.D. Taff – Favourite Horror Novels

April 2018: Bo Chappell – Song Lyrics & Horror

March 2018 S R Masters – Sleep Stealers

February 2018: Phil Sloman – Uncomfortable Horror

February 2018: Keith Anthony Baird – Top Ten Inspirations

January 2018: Paul Kane – Some Of My Favourite Movies & Books

January 2018: Eddie Generous – Cheap Books & Broke Readers

January 2018: John F. Leonard – Horror Novel Memories

January 2018: B. P. Gregory – Top Ten Reads Of 2017

December 2017: Mike Thorn – Favourite Horror Films From The 2010’s

December 2017: B. P. Gregory – Holiday Reading Madness