The Followers: Greg Chapman (Kendall Review)

The Followers – Greg Chapman

Reviewed by Steve Stred

The Followers is a short, punchy tale that focuses on the survival of a singular family, trying to make it in a post-biblical apocalypse world.

David, his wife and daughter are trying to find food and keep away from the roaming groups of thugs that want to kill, or worse yet, abduct the women and children.

Surprised by a group of said thugs, the three are ‘saved’ by a mysterious man, the prophet, who offers them a safe place to live if they will repent their worldly sins.

Greg Chapman then takes this simple concept and leads the reader deeper and deeper into a depraved world, a world led by this religious fanatic who believes God is speaking to him and telling him who to save.

There are so many apocalyptic stories out there now, that it can often be tedious trying to find one that stands above the others and I think the elements within the story do just that.

I found the darkness of this tale fascinating and with almost no back story what-so-ever, Chapman does a phenomenal job of keeping the story going, creating suspense, but not forcing any weird turns down our throats.

I wish this would have been longer, as is the case with all really well written novellas, but Mr. Chapman did such a great job keeping the characters in check and showing us why each decision is made, that I wasn’t disappointed when the ending arrived.

Star Rating (out of 5): 4*

David Brewer is trying to keep his family alive in a world torn asunder by a biblical apocalypse. Yet there is salvation, in the guise of a stranger who offers survivors sanctuary. All David and his family have to do is declare their faith in God’s final, and bloody, plan.

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