The Beast Of Brenton Woods: Jackson R. Thomas (Kendall Review)

The Beast Of Brenton Woods – Jackson R. Thomas

Reviewed by Steve Stred

If you’ve read any of my recent reviews or followed me on my various social media accounts, you will know how much I love Werewolf tales.

The Beast of Brenton Woods does not disappoint for fellow Lycanthrope fans! This tale from Jackson R. Thomas bristles with full moon energy and never once let’s up, as it builds and builds from chapter to chapter.

The story follows three main groups of characters; Tyler and Ben, two pre-teens who had an encounter with the beast. Wendy, her brother Johnny and friend Brad are the second group. Three early twenties friends who haven’t had a good run in life. The last group is the police department. The sheriff, Deputy Wilcox, Deputy Rutherford, Deputy Lloyd and coroner Bruce.

All of the groups know of the legend that persists, but now the creature has returned, leaving a path of carnage and death in its wake.

Each of the groups has their own reason for pursuing the beast, wanting to find out who or what it is, and this is the key to how well this story reads. Thomas bounces back and forth between the characters, giving us that connection we need and crave, and makes us see just why they are doing what they are doing.

I truly couldn’t put this down. The pages flew by and the story kept hooking me in and leaving me wanting more.

The only thing that dropped this down a half star for me was the repeated use of ‘The Beast of Brenton Woods’. It became a repetitive announcement (to me at least), and I was hoping at some point the characters would just say ‘the beast,’ instead.

If you are looking for a riveting, fast paced beast tale, and love yourself some Werewolf carnage, I can’t recommend this enough!

Star Rating (out of 5): 4.5*

Some legends never die….

The White Wolf, the Beast of Brenton Woods, a legendary creature said to walk like a man. When the full moon rises, it will feast. 

Unseen for years, truth has turned to rumor, mere folklore. Until something lures the monster from exile, calling it home.
For Tyler and Ben, a firsthand encounter leads to an exploration of the forbidden depths of Brenton woods, and for Ben, the discovery of a family secret.

When Wendy and her friend’s hangout in the abandoned cabin is compromised, the hunt begins. The target of a creature’s desire, Wendy is hearing whispers in the night, finding footprints outside her window, and can’t shake the dreadful feeling that something is waiting for her.

Deputy Kathy Wilcox understands the disturbances, the shredded carcasses, and the growing list of missing persons in town are connected to something larger than life. Will her acceptance of the legend end in tragedy?

There’s a full moon above, the night is coming down, and blood is about to run.

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