Review Archive

August 2019: Breaking The Habit (Yolanda Sfetsos)

August 2019: Ocean Grave (Matt Serafini)

August 2019: Darkling Smiles (Michaelbrent Collings)

August 2019: Remains (Andrew Cull)

August 2019: The Drive-Thru Crematorium (Jon Bassoff)

July 2019: Season Of The Witch (Sarah Rees Brennan)

July 2019: Backwater (Tom Deady)

July 2019: The Final Days (Terence Hannum)

July 2019: Doorways To The Deadeye (Eric J. Guignard)

July 2019: One Star (The Behrg)

July 2019: Slender Man (ANON)

July 2019: Cabal (Clive Barker)

July 2019: Dark Rainbow (Edited By Andrew Robertson)

July 2019: Choking Back The Devil (Donna Lynch)

July 2019: A Place For Sinners (Aaron Dries)

July 2019: Leadlights (C.C. Luckey)

July 2019: Higher Learning (Renee Miller)

July 2019: Fangland (John Marks)

July 2019: The Silence (Tim Lebbon)

July 2019: The Woods (Edited By Phil Sloman)

July 2019: Kiss Me (Andrew Pyper)

July 2019: Howl (Renee Miller)

July 2019: The Beast Of Rose Valley (J.P. Barnett)

July 2019: Jimmy The Freak (Charles Colyott & Mark Steensland)

July 2019: Dead As Soon As Born (Aiden Merchant)

July 2019: Congeal (John F. Leonard)

July 2019: The Cabin (Amy Cross)

July 2019: Dracul (Dacre Stoker & J.D. Barker)

June 2019: The Sighting (Christopher Coleman)

June 2019: Coil (Ren Warom)

June 2019: The Devil’s Equinox (John Everson)

June 2019: Remains (Andrew Cull)

June 2019: House Of Skin (Jonathan Janz)

June 2019: The Long ‘N Short Of It (James Newman)

June 2019: Let’s Go Play At The Adams (Mendal Johnson)

June 2019: Mr Sticks (Jeffrey Hale)

June 2019: Chop Shop (Andrew Post)

June 2019: Grey Skies (William Becker)

June 2019: Under Rotting Sky (Matthew V. Brockmeyer)

June 2019: Ain’t Worth A Shit (Robert Essig & Jack Bantry)

June 2019: Impossible James (Danger Slater)

June 2019: Artemis One-Zero-Five (Christopher Henderson)

June 2019: Those Who Came Before (J.H. Moncrieff)

June 2019: The Great And Secret Show (Clive Barker)

June 2019: In The Scrape (James Newman & Mark Steensland)

June 2019: We Sold Our Souls (Grady Hendrix)

June 2019: Ex Nihilo (Seth Masek)

June 2019: This House Of Wounds (Georgina Bruce)

June 2019: The Resurrectionists (Michael Patrick Hicks)

June 2019: The Stranger (Steve Stred)

May 2019: The Hungry Ones (Chris Sorensen)

May 2019: Netherkind (Greg Chapman)

May 2019: Soothing The Savage Swamp Beast (Zakary McGaha)

May 2019: Something In The Water (Eddie Generous)

May 2019: Head-Broken And Heartbroken (Eddie Generous)

May 2019: Siphon (A.A. Medina)

May 2019: Monsters In Our Wake (J.H. Moncrieff)

May 2019: Lovegun (Gavin Jefferson)

May 2019: Demon At The Window (John Quick)

May 2019: Master Of The Forest (Artyom Dereschuk)

May 2019: Antarctic Ice Beast (Hunter Shea)

May 2019: Stoker’s Wilde (Stephen Hopstaken & Melissa Prusi)

May 2019: Little Black Spots (John F.D. Taff)

May 2019: Ghost Mine (Hunter Shea)

May 2019: Night Shoot (David Sodergren)

April 2019: The Town That Feared Dusk (Calvin Demmer)

April 2019: Woom (Duncan Ralston)

April 2019: I’m Not Even Supposed To Be Here Today (Brian Asman)

April 2019: Forest Underground (Lydian Faust)

April 2019: The Bledbrooke Works (John F. Leonard)

April 2019: Unsettled (Jay Sigler)

April 2019: Fangtastic Tales Of Werewolf Savagery (Toneye Eyenot)

April 2019: Dying For An Invitation (Theresa Braun)

April 2019: The Special (James Newman)

April 2019: The Same Deep Water As You (Chad Lutzke)

April 2019: Beyond The Black Gate (Joseph Sale)

April 2019: The Dark Game (Jonathan Janz) BB

April 2019: Rotten Little Things (Justin Woodward)

April 2019: The Dark Game (Jonathan Janz)

April 2019: The Gordon Place (Isaac Thorne)

April 2019: Bones (Andrew Cull)

April 2019: 30 Minutes Or Less (Matthew Vaughn)

April 2019: Train Thoughts (Jay Sigler)

April 2019: Odd Man Out (James Newman)

March 2019: Crow Shine (Alan Baxter)

March 2019: A God In The Shed (J.F. Dubeau)

March 2019: We Are The Accused (Lucas Mangum)

March 2019: Darkest Hours (Mike Thorn)

March 2019: The Bone Cutters (Renee S. DeCamillis)

March 2019: The Unheimlich Manoeuvre (Tracy Fahey)

March 2019: Paradise, Maine (Jackson R. Thomas)

March 2019: Saint Sadist (Lucas Mangum)

March 2019: The Auld Mither (William Meikle) SS

March 2019: Girl’s Best Friend (RJ Roles)

March 2019: Screechers (Kevin J. Kennedy & Christina Bergling)

March 2019: Rabid Heart (Jeremy Wagner)

March 2019: The Devil’s Hairball (Peter Caffrey)

March 2019: Ararat (Christoper Golden)

March 2019: Limbs-A Love Story (Tim Meyer)

March 2019: The Auld Mither (William Meikle)

February 2019: A House At The Bottom Of A Lake (Josh Malerman)

February 2019: Bird Box (Josh Malerman)

February 2019: Occasional Beasts (John Claude Smith)

February 2019: The Girl Who Hid In The Trees (Steve Stred DK Review)

February 2019: Fountain Dead (Theresa Braun)

February 2019: The Girl Who Hid In The Trees (Steve Stred MC Review)

February 2019: Blood Island (Tim Waggoner)

February 2019: Kinfolk (Matt Kurtz)

February 2019: Arcana (Paul Kane)

February 2019: Will Haunt You (Brian Kirk SS Review)

February 2019: Plague Of Pages (John F Leonard)

February 2019: Without Condition (Sonora Taylor)

February 2019: I Will Rot Without You (Danger Slater)

February 2019: Tracing The Trails (Edited By Chad A Clark)

February 2019: Shallow Creek (Edited By Tomek Dzido)

February 2019: Victoria (Jason Parent)

February 2019: Contrition (Deborah Sheldon)

February 2019: The Social Catalogue Of #Prey (Gill Valle)

February 2019: Shadows At The Door (Edited By Mark Nixon)

February 2019: Will Haunt You (Brian Kirk)

January 2019: Bleed Away The Sky (Brian Fatah Steele)

January 2019: Dead Leaves (Kealan Patrick Burke)

January 2019: Dead Of Winter (Kealan Patrick Burke)

January 2019: Revolver (Michael Patrick Hicks)

January 2019: Coyote Songs (Gabino Iglesias)

January 2019: Horror In The Woods (Lee Mountford)

January 2019: An Army Of Skin (Morgan K Tanner)

January 2019: The Same Deep Water As You (Chad Lutzke)

January 2019: Blackwater (Christian Galacar)

January 2019: Now Comes The Darkness (Joseph Zito)

January 2019: The Long Way Home (Richard Chizmar)

January 2019: But Worse Will Come (CC Adams)

January 2019: Sparky The Spunky Robot (Dani Brown)

January 2019: Skinner (David Bernstein)

December 2018: Wolvz – Whispers Of War (Toneye Eyenot)

December 2018: The Beast Of Brenton Woods (Jackson R. Thomas)

December 2018: Grotesque Souls (Liam Llewellyn)

December 2018: Private Number/Claws (Derek Muk)

December 2018: Think Yourself Lucky (Ramsey Campbell)

December 2018: The Followers (Greg Chapman)

December 2018: The Practitioners (Matt Hayward & Patrick Lacey)

December 2018: The Haunting Of Natalie Glasgow (Hailey Piper)

December 2018: Devouring Dark (Alan Baxter) BB

December 2018: Doggem (John F. Leonard)

December 2018: Hellhole (Edited By Lee Murray)

December 2018: Radio Run (Eddie Generous)

December 2018: The Isle (John C. Foster)

December 2018: By Years End (Edited By Bo Chappell)

November 2018: The Mongrel (Sean O’Connor)

November 2018: Best British Horror 2018 (Edited By Johnny Mains)

November 2018: Broken Shells (Michael Patrick Hicks)

November 2018: Gods Of The Black Gate (Joseph Sale)

November 2018: The Jesus Man (Keith Anthony Baird)

November 2018: Fat Camp (James Sabata)

November 2018: Your Arms Around Entropy (Brian Fatah Steele)

November 2018: Out Behind The Barn (John Boden & Chad Lutzke)

November 2018: A Gathering Of Evil (Gil Valle)

November 2018: Deep Red (Paul Kane)

November 2018: The Haunting Of Hope House (Astrid Addams)

November 2018: Demon Dance (Vanessa Ravel)

November 2018: The Daniel Gates Adventures (Frazer Lee)

November 2018: Elevation (Stephen King)

November 2018: Devouring Dark (Alan Baxter) SS

November 2018: Greener Pastures (Michael Wehunt)

November 2018: The Switch House (Tim Meyer)

November 2018: The Mask Shop Of Doctor Blaack (Steve Rasnic Tem)

October 2018: Phantoms (Edited By Marie O’Regan)

October 2018: Hellsworld Hotel (Matthew Vaughn)

October 2018: Curse Of The Viper King (Russell James)

October 2018: We Sold Our Souls (Grady Hendrix)

October 2018: The Faithful (Matt Hayward)

October 2018: The Forgotten Island (David Sodergren)

October 2018: Lost Highways (Edited By D. Alexander Ward)

October 2018: The House By The Cemetery (John Everson)

October 2018: The Toy Thief (D.W. Gillespie)

October 2018: Let There Be Dark (Tim McWhorter)

October 2018: The Window (Glenn Rolfe)

October 2018: On The Lips Of Children (Mark Matthews)

October 2018: Breathe Breathe (Erin Sweet Al Mehairi)

October 2018: Predators (Michaelbrent Collings)

September 2018: Shining In The Dark (Edited By Hans-Åke Lilja)

September 2018: Manifest Recall (Alan Baxter) [Giveaway Winner Review]

September 2018: Skullface Boy (Chad Lutzke)

September 2018 : Dreaming At The Top Of My Lungs (Israel Finn)

September 2018: That Which Grows Wild (Eric J. Guignard)

September 2018: Little Black Spots (John FD Taff)

September 2018: The Mirror Of The Nameless (Luke Walker)

September 2018: Suspended In Dusk II (Edited By Simon Dewar)

September 2018: Heartless (Tom Leveen)

August 2018: Creature (Hunter Shea)

August 2018: The Siren And The Specter (Jonathan Janz)

August 2018: The Mouth Of The Dark (Tim Waggoner)

August 2018: Thirteen Days By Sunset Beach (Ramsey Campbell)

July 2018: The Sea Was A Fair Master (Calvin Demmer)

July 2018: 12 Gauge: Songs From A Street Sweeper (Dustin Lavalley)

July 2018: Bones (Andrew Cull) [Giveaway Winner Review]

July 2018: The Cabin At The End Of The World (Paul Tremblay)

July 2018: The Hunger (Alma Katsu)

July 2018: Manifest Recall (Alan Baxter)

July 2018: Doctor Sleep (Stephen King)

June 2018: Ghoul (Brian Keene)

June 2018: Kane’s Scary Tales (Paul Kane)

June 2018: Broken On The Inside (Phil Sloman)

June 2018: Before You Sleep (Adam LG Nevill)

June 2018: The Outsider (Stephen King)

May 2018: Zombie Bigfoot (Nick Sullivan)

May 2018: Last Time I Lied (Riley Sager)

April 2018: Experimental Film (Gemma Files)

March 2018: Walking Alone (Bentley Little)

February 2018: The Cellar (Richard Laymon)

February 2018: Siphon (A.A. Medina)

February 2018: The Listener (Robert McCammon)

February 2018: The Chalk Man (C. J. Tudor)

February 2018: Hellraiser: The Toll (Clive Barker & Mark Alan Miller)

January 2018: Hope And Walker (Andrew Cull)

January 2018: Widow’s Point (Billy & Richard Chizmar)

September 2017: Wolves Of El Diablo (Eric Red)

August 2017: New Fears (Edited By Mark Morris)

August 2017: Secrets Of The Weird (Chad Stroup)

August 2017: Before (Paul Kane)

August 2017: Goth Witch Of Philly (Lincoln S. Farish)

August 2017: Goblin (Josh Malerman)

August 2017: The Die-Fi Experiment (M.R. Tapia)

August 2017: Macabre Notions (Aaron White)

August 2017: Meddling Kids (Edgar Cantero)

July 2017: What Monsters Do (Nicholas Vince)

July 2017: Monsters Exist (Edited By Mr. Deadman & Theresa Braun)

July 2017: The Truants (Lee Markham)

June 2017: The Last Days Of Jack Sparks (Jason Arnopp)

June 2017: A Long December (Richard Chizmar)

June 2017: Gwendy’s Button Box (Stephen King & Richard Chizmar)

May 2017: The Guns Of Santa Sangre (Eric Red)

April 2017: The Hatching (Ezekiel Boone)

March 2017: Final Girls (Riley Sager)

February 2017: Hekla’s Children (James Brogden)

February 2017: Behind Her Eyes (Sarah Pinborough)

January 2017: Grimm Woods (D. Melhoff)