Pre-Orders for ‘New Music For Old Rituals’ by Tracy Fahey NOW OPEN!

Black Shuck Books is proud to announce Tracy Fahey’s second short story collection. New Music for Old Rituals draws on childhood memories and Irish folk tales to spin nineteen stories of life, love and loss. Illustrated throughout with Tracy’s own photographs, this beautiful book will go down as one of the must-read genre collections of 2018.

From the back cover:

New Music for Old Rituals brings together a selection of stories that illustrate the pervasive power of the past in the present. Together they present a strange yet familiar country where cautionary tales still serve a purpose; where sacred sites of sea, forest, valley and forts hold power. Where old legends live, and where new myths are born. Within these pages, bog bodies sleep, contagion rages, ancient rituals are enacted, battles are fought. Ghosts linger, and time stutters, fails and turns back on itself.”

New Music for Old Rituals will be released in November 2018.


Tracy Fahey is an Irish writer of Gothic fiction. Her debut collection, The Unheimlich Manoeuvre (2016), was nominated in 2017 for a British Fantasy Award for Best Collection. Her short fiction has been published in more than twenty Irish, US and UK anthologies and her work has been reviewed in the Times Literary Supplement. In 2016 two of her short stories, ‘Walking The Borderlines‘ and ‘Under The Whitethorn‘ were long listed by Ellen Datlow for The Best Horror of the Year Volume 8. She has also written a folk horror YA novel, The Girl In The Fort (2017).

To be sure, there were slow conversations that would stop when you walked outside the church, or opened the door to the pub or the bookies. But we didn’t discuss it. Not publicly. The closer you got to the woods, the quieter the story got, until under the trees, all voices fell silent. So much for the ending. How it began was a different matter.”

The Changeling’

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