Dark Things: Joseph Zito (Kendall Reviews)

Dark Things – Joseph Zito

Reviewed by Steve Stred

Now Comes the Darkness by Joe Zito was a surprise read for me in 2018.  I saw a teaser for the cover and then a mini-synopsis and I was hooked.  I devoured it when it was released and looked forward to checking out more of his works.  I wasn’t expecting to get another new release so soon after, and this news was pleasantly surprising.

Dark Things is Joe Zito’s (released as Joseph Zito) second collection featuring shorts and dark vignettes and while that sounds minimal, he packs a massive punch within.

It opens with a quick, short, bleak vignette, one that will unsettle you.  I read it and had to re-read it, because it just pops you straight in the face with its underlying tones.

I seriously can’t pick out a stand out tale here, because they all just weave their way into your subconscious.

It contains the bonus pulp-horror vignette Leather Jacket, White Shorts, which was the only tale within that I didn’t enjoy.  Without a doubt I would have this tale as a 5/5 if this tale wasn’t included, but that’s just me, that story may be other’s favorites!

After reading Now Comes the Darkness and Dark Things from Zito, I can’t wait to check out all of his other works.

Star Rating (out of 5): 4.5*

Despair, desolation, depravity and darkness. These are the dark things that comprise Joseph Zito’s second story collection, featuring eight works of short fiction and bleak vignettes. They are short but not sweet.

As a bonus, this collection features the super-sized pulp horror vignette, Leather Jacket, White Shorts.

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