Kendall Reviews is looking for 2019 Guest Post Contributions.

As part of Kendall Reviews ongoing aim to help promote horror, I’m offering a brand new guest post opportunity for 2019.

I have one question that I’d love writers published or not to answer…

Why Do You Write Horror?

Are you interested in contributing?

  • Please register interest by contacting me via gavin@
  • Submissions should consist of no more than 2000 words.
  • Please include a bio, author photo and any links you’d like promoted.
  • If you want this post to tie in with a book release or other promo, please include a date and I’ll see if I can accommodate.
  • The plan is to host a guest post once a week, every Wednesday from 2nd January 2019.
  • The question does relate to Horror, but can be reworked to fit other darker genres.

I have other ways to help promote you and your work, (interviewsreviewsguest posts and more)

I look forward to hearing from you,


Kendall Reviews: Together let’s promote horror.

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