Kendall Reviews: August

It’s been a great month for Kendall Reviews with plenty of content being submitted. August saw 8 reviews submitted and for the first time since the blog started book excerpts. I really like the idea of this quick interaction with authors and getting their work out there for people to see. I hope it’s something that can develop as Kendall Reviews continues to grow.

I’ve been blown away by the mostly positive feedback I have received about the blog. Subscriptions numbers are steadily increasing and I feel I have started to develop some great relationships with various Authors, Publishers and fellow Bloggers. I say mostly as I have had a few mails suggesting that I’m being paid for reviews, this is completely untrue. I have not taken one penny from anyone for any content that is on this site, which isn’t even monetised. I know I didn’t have to explain myself publicly, but I’d rather it be out there and any speculation that may occur put to bed.

At the end of July I posted that I would be starting a Stephen King chronological read-through. I’ve only ever read four of his books and felt it was time to address that. How can I consider myself a fan of horror when I’ve read so little from one of the genres masters? This post also triggered a few emails, interestingly these mails essentially all said the same thing. ‘Why bother reading Stephen King chronologically’, ‘It’s been done before’, ‘No-one wants to read reviews of 40-year-old books’, ‘Doing this read through will kill your blog!’. I took these comments on board and had a think. Of course I want the content to be enjoyed by subscribers and new visitors but I’ve wanted to get stuck into Stephen Kings bibliography for years now. I decided to set up a poll, it’s been running for the last week asking the question ‘Which author would you like to see me start a chronological read through of?‘ The options offered were Stephen King, Clive Barker, Richard Laymon or Adam Nevill/Joe Hill. I decided to let Twitter decide my reading fate! As I type this there are 2 hours till the poll closes, and Stephen King is currently in the lead with Clive Barker in second. Maybe the people who didn’t want me to do it were Barker fans!

So, a busy month ends and September/October looks like it’s going to get busier. Alongside my current ‘to review’ pile there are several releases due that I’ve been looking forward to for at least a year. These titles are already inked into my schedule, keep an eye on Kendall Reviews for my thoughts on the following…

Stephen and Owen King – Sleeping Beauties

Adam Nevill – Hasty For The Dark

Joe Hill – Strange Weather

Thank you for reading this and thank you to all the subscribers, authors and publishers for supporting Kendall Reviews.

I’m here to help, so please keep sending review requests and any other ideas for the blog.

Please take a moment to read my updated contact information as well as my review policy.

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