{Interview} To celebrate the release of his new novella ‘See You When The World Ends’, Simon Paul Wilson Is Interviewed By Someone Very Special.

Corey Interviews Simon Paul Wilson

You can buy See You When The World Ends from Amazon UK & Amazon US

When Kendall Reviews gave me the chance to talk a little about my new novella, See You When The World Ends, I wondered how best to go about it. After mulling a few ideas over, I decided to have some fun.

I let my son interview me.


Corey is eight, going on eighteen. He’s already a huge bookworm and a total horror fan. In the last two years, he’s devoured around 50 Goosebumps! books, 7 Darren Shan novels, and 13 Skulduggery Pleasant adventures. He’s already eyeing-up my Brian Keene collection for when he’s a little older, as well as my Neil Gaiman books.

Yes, I declare this a parenting win.

I asked Corey to think of some questions he’d like to ask me about my latest book release. A few minutes later, he had jotted down some questions for me. I have to say, I think he did a good job with his first ever interview. If you’re interested in him firing some questions your way, do get in touch!

So without further ado, let’s get to the interview. We both hope you enjoy it.

Corey: What is the name of your new book?

SImon Paul Wilson: See You When The World Ends.

C: How long did SYWTWE take to write?

SPW: I wrote SYWTWE in 2013, so I can’t remember how long it actually took, but I want to say around six months or so. I did a lot of stopping and starting with that one! I did some minor editing to it this year and changed a few things. That took about a month.

C: How many characters are there in SYWTWE, and what are their names?

SPW: There are six important characters, two of whom I’m not going to mention here. Spoilers!

The four I will name are Tim, Naomi, Rob, and Abby. Tim and Naomi are the main characters, and SYWTWE is their story. Do you want to hear the blurb?

C: Yes, please!

SPW: Tim loves Naomi Wong from Hong Kong. He just didn’t realise it.

When Naomi returns home for her sister’s wedding, It finally dawns on Tim that his feelings for her run deeper than friendship.

He starts to have a recurring dream. Unfortunately, he can never seem to remember the exact details, but he knows it’s telling him something very important.

Then, the ghostly apparition of a blurred-face woman starts to haunt his waking world…

C: That sounds good! Now, what made you start writing books?

SPW: I’ve always enjoyed writing. Back when I was your age, I enjoyed writing horror and sci-fi stories. A little later, when I was about thirteen, I started to play Dungeons & Dragons with my best friends. At that time, official adventures and campaigns weren’t easy to find. This was a time before the internet and Amazon! So, we wrote our own. I guess that’s when the writing bug truly bit me.

When I was in my twenties, I’d moved on from D&D, and was writing my own epic campaigns for games like Call of Cthulhu, SLA Industries, and Kult.

Kult was an amazing horror game, and a massive influence on my writing. Some characters I created for that game have popped up in what I’m currently working on, and I’m sure others will appear in future stories.

C: What writers do you like?

SPW: If it’s horror writers, then I’ll have to say Brian Keene, Adam Nevill, Stephen King, Paul Tremblay, James Herbert, and Shaun Hutson. I also like Carlton Mellick, China Mieville, Haruki Murakami, Yoko Ogawa, and Neil Gaiman. I think Derek Landy is pretty cool, too. I’m enjoying reading the Skulduggery Pleasant series. Thanks for the recommendation!

C: I’m happy you like Skulduggery! Now, back to your questions. What are you planning on writing next?

SPW: Well, Matt Wildasin and I are currently editing a horror novel we’ve written together. It’s called BAGGAGE, and it will be out later this year. I’m currently working on a vampire novella, and hope to have that out before this Christmas. It’s called This Is A Song About Monsters, and it’s going to be a pretty scary read!

I’m also working on KillGhostCity, which is the sequel to GhostCityGirl. Fingers crossed, that’ll be out in late 2022.

After that, I’ve got this idea about a diary and some really nasty demons. Does that sound good?

C: Sure! Did you like my questions, Daddy?

SPW: Absolutely. Thanks, Corey!

C: Thank you, too. Can I have a bag of crisps now?

Me and Corey hope you’ve enjoyed reading this little interview.

If you’re interested in giving SYWTWE a read, click the provided link for more info.

My sincerest thanks if you do. It really means a lot to me.

See You When The World Ends

Thanks to Gavin for allowing Corey and I to promote horror!

Big love to you all.


Corey is a reader, gamer, and writer from the U.K.

His Daddy’s name is Simon Paul Wilson, and he writes books. One day, Corey will too.

Corey likes to read books by Derek Landy, Terry Pratchet, and R.L. Stine. 

When he’s not reading, he can be found playing Minecraft Dungeons.

Simon Paul Wilson

Simon Paul Wilson is a U.K. based writer of horror and science fiction.

He is currently writing a cyberpunk horror trilogy, the first of which is GhostCityGirl and was published by Not A Pipe publishing in 2020.

Click this link for more info: Ghost City Girl

There now follows a list of writers who have influenced his reading tastes and writing style:

James Herbert. Stephen King, Shaun Hutson, Clive Barker, China Mieville, Haruki Murakami, Carlton Mellick III, Brian Keene, and Adam Nevill.

Simon lives somewhere in the middle of England with his wonderful family. He likes to listen to post-rock and progressive rock at loud volumes. He also plays a mean air bass.

Follow him on Twitter: @spwzen

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