Horror In The Woods: Lee Mountford (Kendall Review)

Horror In The Woods – Lee Mountford

Reviewed by Miranda Crites

I hadnt heard of Lee Mountford when Horror in the Woods popped up for 99¢ on BookBub in March 2018, but I love discovering new authors. Horror in the Woods sounded like something I would enjoy, and at 99¢, I was willing to take a chance.

The book began with four young hikers taking a weekend to get to know each other a little better. Someone tells a scary story about an urban legend. Someone gets freaked out a little. They stumble onto something they dont expect, and it is quite scary.

There are some twists here and tons of gore, and then we go on with the ever predictable scenario where someone falls down…

Kind of sounds like most your typical horror stories, right?

It isn’t.

A little further in, the story really twists and turns. This turned out to be a great book that held my attention all the way through. SO many plot twists! One thing actually made me gasp aloud because I really wasnt expecting THAT!

Theres a lot of nasty wow-factor, a lot of blood, guts, and gore-filled pages, and some things that would probably make most people puke. Im mostly immune to being grossed out by this sort of stuff, but there are some things that even made my stomach tickle.

This was Lee Mountfords first novel. Ill definitely be reading more of his work.

I think every fan of horror should read Horror in the Woods.


For Ashley and her three friends, it was supposed to be an adventure-filled weekend. A chance to get away from the hustle-and-bustle of city life, and experience the peaceful tranquility of nature. But when they ventured into those woods, their trip turned into a horror far beyond what they could have ever imagined. Because these four friends have wandered into the territory of the violent, grotesque Webb family. A group of psychopaths who have a taste for human meat. And they are hungry! Ashley and her friends must face this evil head on, and worse, discover the shocking secret behind the family’s existence…

In the vein of THE EVIL DEAD, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, and WRONG TURN – HORROR IN THE WOODS will leave you exhausted and drained. A brutal, violent tale that hurtles along at break-neck pace – one that horror fans should not miss!

You can buy Horror In The Woods from Amazon UK & Amazon US

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