{#HookedOnPoetry} “The Window Red” by Stephanie (Sterp) Evelyn

#HookedOnPoetry: Featuring “The Window Red” by Stephanie (Sterp) Evelyn

It’s Friday and the last of our #HookedOnPoetry features for this week has arrived. We’ll resume again next week. Be sure to read the poetry from yesterday over at Oh, for the Hook of a Book! by clicking HERE as well.

I was Stephanie’s editor on her debut novel The Cult Called Freedom House late last year. She’s a wealth of creative talent and very inspiring in her motivation to write and learn as well as a magnificent painter. Recently, she added poetry to her mix of writing endeavours and I’m so pleased. Below is a poem by her. I hope we read many more from her in the future as she studies and sculpts her craft.

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Erin Al-Mehairi

The Window Red

A Poem by Stephanie (Sterp) Evelyn

It came one night, the window shook,
It breathed a fog on the glass.
Turning away, I thought it would leave,
But it showed no signs to pass.

I lay in bed and pretended to pray,
And knocked on God’s door but then,
Met with silence on the other side
Realized followers are the fools of women.

They said do good and always be kind,
Choose good or bad but not both.
I wish I knew there was more to it,
Before I heard the voice that spoke.

It said “You fool, no one’s good.”
“Didn’t you know this all along?”
Confused, I thought about what this meant,
It meant I was always taught wrong.

“Today it starts. You’ll listen to me.”
It commanded me to do things I never dreamed.
But it never stopped talking in my ear,
And the world was never again what it seemed.

It breathed heavily on the frosted glass,
The window, covered in red.
It came for me for what I had done,
It was the same voice that lived in my head.

Stephanie (Sterp) Evelyn

Stephanie is the author of The Cult Called Freedom House: Sophia Rey Book 1. Her short story “The Lost Tea Cup” will be in Issue 26 of The Literary Hatchet in 2020. She is also a fine artist with expertise in acrylic and watercolor. She graduated from University of California, Santa Cruz with a B.A. degree in Film and Digital Media.

You can find out more about Stephanie by visiting her Official Website www.iamsterp.com

Follow Stephanie on Twitter @iamsterp

Find Stephanie on Instagram @iamsterp

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