{HoHoHorror} Kendall Reviews Christmas Selection Box: 9 titles from Black Shuck Books.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be showcasing several publishers, with a Christmas Selection Box of some of their titles that I hope the Fiends of Kendall Reviews will support, retweet and maybe even buy a few of.

Please support the authors & publishers listed over the next few weeks, if you do decide to buy something then please tweet out about it. Just a quick post saying which title you bought and don’t forget to tag me (@gjkendall) and I can help spread the word. If you can also leave a review either on your blog, Amazon, Goodreads, Twitter that means so much to everyone. Even a one-line review or just a star rating can make a huge difference to a book’s sales.

Today I’m delighted to showcase Black Shuck Books

Website: www.blackshuckbooks.co.uk

Twitter: @BlackShuckBooks

Aurora: Jo M Thomas

In an alternative 2017 where computer viruses are still taking down businesses and social media algorithms are still programmed to profile everybody, join Aurora – the social platform that shines a light for everyone – in watching new user, Siward Walls, watching back.

You can buy Aurora directly from Black Shuck HERE





En Vacances: David A. Sutton

Black Shuck Shadows brings you a pocket-size sample from the best in modern horror.

The House of Cats
Those of Rhenea
Dead Water
Tomb of the Janissaries
The Holidaymakers
The Dew Shadows

You can buy En Vacances directly from Black Shuck HERE

Fearsome Creatures: Aliya Whiteley

Black Shuck Shadows brings you a pocket-size sample from the best in modern horror.

Day of the Dog
The Lovers That Lie Down in Fields
Luisa Opines
A Very Modern Monster

You can buy Fearsome Creatures directly from Black Shuck HERE


Great British Horror 5: Midsummer Eve: Edited by Steve J Shaw

GREAT BRITISH HORROR 5 continues the annual series showcasing the best in modern British horror. Every year, the series will feature ten British authors, plus one international guest contributor, telling tales of this sceptered isle.

The 2020 edition, MIDSUMMER EVE, features eleven more previously unpublished stories from authors at the very top of their game.

You can buy Great British Horror 5 directly from Black Shuck HERE




Only The Broken Remain: Dan Coxon

I could see into the room well enough, but there was nothing there. No furniture, no ornaments. A rusted sink streaked with black and grey. An empty light fitting. Nothing more than a thick layer of dust on tired linoleum, forming a furred carpet that stretched undisturbed into the empty room beyond… There was no neighbour. It occurred to me for the first time that I might be going mad.

A young man joins a circus where the mysterious ringmaster is more interested in watching him fail. An immigrant worker forms an unlikely alliance with his housing estate’s foxes. A fraudulent accountant goes on the run, but loses herself in the dry heat of Australia.

This debut collection from Dan Coxon unearths the no man’s land between dreams and nightmares, a place where the strange is constantly threatening to seep through into our everyday reality. Populated by the lost and the downtrodden, the forgotten and the estranged, these stories follow in the tradition of Thomas Ligotti, Robert Aickman and Joel Lane. Because when the dust has settled and the blood has been washed away, Only the Broken Remain.

You can buy Only The Broken Remain directly from Black Shuck HERE

Roth-Steyr: Simon Bestwick

You never know which ideas will stick in your mind, let alone where they’ll go. Roth-Steyr began with an interest in the odd designs and names of early automatic pistols, and the decision to use one of them as a story title. What started out as an oddball short piece became a much longer and darker tale about how easily a familiar world can fall apart, how old convictions vanish or change, and why no one should want to live forever.

It’s also about my obsession with history, in particular the chaotic upheavals that plagued the first half of the twentieth century and that are waking up again. Another ‘long dark night of the European soul’ feels very close today.

So here’s the story of Valerie Varden. And her Roth-Steyr.”

You can buy Roth-Steyr directly from Black Shuck HERE

Stages of Fear: Reggie Oliver

Black Shuck Shadows brings you a pocket-size sample from the best in modern horror.

Beside the Shrill Sea
The Copper Wig
Puss Cat
The Skins
Blind Man’s Box

You can buy Stages Of Fear directly from Black Shuck HERE


The Language Of Beasts: Jonathan Oliver

Those dark, glistening jewels – stomach, kidneys, liver – whispered as they fell. I only caught a few words, but what they conveyed… well, it was profound.”

In a slaughterhouse a group of men find they can tell fortunes from entrails; an invisible shark haunts a children’s book author; redemptive magic is discovered in the ancient chalk horse of the Oxfordshire hills; a woman vicar is possessed by the soul of a reactionary priest – in these seventeen stories of the weird, uncanny and fantastical, British Fantasy Award winner Jonathan Oliver takes the reader into imagined lives and worlds. Horrifying, weird and darkly humorous, The Language of Beasts is the first collection of stories from this critically acclaimed editor.

You can buy The Language Of Beasts directly from Black Shuck HERE

Traumas: Paul Kane

A man suffering from extreme grief finds that pieces of himself are going missing, while another attempts to cheat death in a very unusual and dangerous way… One woman gets more than she bargained for during her pregnancy, while another is the target for a unique killer who must feast to survive… And as one prisoner attempts to escape not only his pursuers but this reality, an unhinged individual attempts to build the perfect family bit by bit…

In this collection of thirteen tales from award-winning and #1 bestselling author Paul Kane, you’ll find every conceivable kind of Body Horror. This very special book also contains Kane’s first published story ‘Façades’, a novelette set in his PL Kane crime universe featuring a brand new PI, the scripts for the theatre version of The Torturer (recently turned into a short film starring current Pinhead Paul T. Taylor) and the comic adaptation of The Disease, plus it comes with an introduction by John Llewellyn Probert (The Compleat Valentine) and stunning cover art by Les Edwards. Get ready to be traumatised!

You can buy Traumas directly from Black Shuck HERE

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