{HoHoHorror} Kendall Reviews Christmas Selection Box: 10 titles from Unnerving Books

Over the next few weeks I’ll be showcasing several publishers, with a Christmas Selection Box of some of their titles that I hope the Fiends of Kendall Reviews will support, retweet and maybe even buy a few of.

Please support the authors & publishers listed over the next few weeks, if you do decide to buy something then please tweet out about it. Just a quick post saying which title you bought and don’t forget to tag me (@gjkendall) and I can help spread the word. If you can also leave a review either on your blog, Amazon, Goodreads, Twitter that means so much to everyone. Even a one-line review or just a star rating can make a huge difference to a book’s sales.

Today I’m delighted to showcase Unnerving

Website: www.unnervingbooks.com

Twitter: @UnnervingBooks

Together Let’s Promote Horror

Coming December 12: THE MIDNIGHT EXHIBIT VOL. 2 – Kaaron Warren, Jessica McHugh, & Declan Burnett

Three rich punks are out filming a prank when they come across a video cassette stuck in the return slot at the new hipster video rental store. It’s all laughs until they make use of a VCR and the movie jars them deep as things start to take on a personal note.
The Midnight Exhibit Vol. 2 includes three terrifying tales of blood, bones, and inhumanity, presented in the vein of the VHS classics of yesteryear. 

You can buy The Midnight Exhibit (Vol 2) from Amazon UK & Amazon US




Seasoned homicide detective Leonard “Rummy” Rumbold has finally met his match: a mysterious dancing killer who eviscerates his female prey while dancing to pop songs. Pressured by the police department and the press to find the man responsible for these crimes, Rummy begins a no-holds-barred investigation into the macabre slayings, a journey into darkness that includes dance lessons from one of New York’s finest instructors and the assistance of the only woman who has survived the killer’s attack. Can Detective Rumbold find his rhythm and stop this madness before the killer strikes again?

You can buy Dancing On The Edge Of A Blade from Amazon UK & Amazon US


On June 4, 1966, “Dead-Eye” Dave Darrow murdered and mutilated a group of teenagers at his family’s home. His sister’s disappearance, his subsequent escape from the asylum, and a slew of deaths and missing persons surrounding the home have given birth to some wild local theories.

Twenty years later, Lisa Thompson needs to finish her exposé on the infamous Darrow story to ensure her full ride scholarship to U.C. Berkley’s School of Journalism. But the problem is, she doesn’t have a killer ending. The girl moving into the Darrow’s old place could be Lisa’s lucky break. But new blood in the house and Lisa’s research awaken something or someone evil and murders begin anew in spectacular fashion. Will Lisa uncover the truth within the  Darrow house, or will she and her friends die trying?

You can buy Dead Eyes from Amazon UK & Amazon US


Vivian starts her summer counseling gig at the Haunted Basilio Theater, hoping all the ghosts are harmless. At first, the kids under her wing are more trouble than any random winds rustling the costumes or funny noises from rats. Then her mentor gets the boot, and the kids vanish into the dark recesses. The pigeons on the roof are hostile.

The boss says ‘don’t ask questions,’ but Vivian wants answers. She just needs the courage to enter locked doors with the right keys. 

You can buy Offstage Offerings from Amazon UK & Amazon US


HOOKER – M. Lopes da Silva

Los Angeles, 1984

Sylvia Lumen was just trying to make a living, but when her sister is murdered by a serial killer bent on targeting sex workers, she unleashes a bloody trail of vengeance as…
HOOKER: a violent vigilante who uses actual hooks – from fish hooks to hand scythes – to exact her righteous revenge and get her point across to the patriarchy.

For too long the City of Angels has been a haven for sexist predators. With an intrepid reporter as her partner, and a cast of unforgettable characters, HOOKER will splatter her way across 1980s Los Angeles in this retrowave pulp thriller full of action, ferocious friendship, and queer

You can buy Hooker from Amazon UK & Amazon US


Hannah and Alanna have a very dirty job, but when the voice comes through the radio, whether rain, sleet, snow, insanity, blood, or body parts, they’re on the scene to collect the pieces…and maybe collect a little more.

Tales From the Meat Wagon follows an ambulance and its paramedics as it works through three especially off-putting calls of the impossible, the unlikely, and the downright disgusting. 

You can buy Tales From The Meat Wagon from Amazon UK & Amazon US




Can you keep a secret? Sadie has a fetish. She likes it cold. The only man who has understood and loved her for this perversion is her ambulance partner and boyfriend: Michael. So, when Michael unexpectedly gets run over by a snowplow, Sadie will stop at nothing to keep him alive, to keep bringing him back from the dead again and again for one thing and one thing only.

But when Michael begins to deteriorate, when things that were once hard become loose and floppy, Sadie finds herself taking lives instead of saving them. In an effort to keep Michael’s organs pumping, Sadie has to go against her paramedic training and human instincts and kill instead of rescue. But she’s doing it in the name of love, so it’s okay. Right? Totally. When does love turn to obsession? How far will Sadie go for the one she loves? 

You can buy All You Need Is Love And A Strong Electric Current from Amazon UK & Amazon US


It was supposed to be a fun tour of Vermont. Visiting historical sites. Shopping for antiques. But for a group of tourists, it turns into a waking nightmare. After becoming stranded in a blizzard, they take refuge in a mansion owned by reclusive author, Taylor Crane. The elderly writer appears odd but harmless. His cat isn’t. His cat has become something…else.

The monster wants to make the unlucky guests its next meal. Now the tourists must fight to the death to survive the Catcreeper’s bloody wrath. 

You can buy The Catcreeper from Amazon UK & Amazon US



Maribel Daniels is weeks away from escaping her hometown, but vanishes while walking home from work. The same night, a truck overturns on a bridge, spilling chemicals into the lake and turning the water red.
Her sister, Anya, returns years later to find out what happened to Maribel, but every truth she uncovers reveals another lie. When she finally solves the mystery of her sister’s disappearance, Anya realizes she’s the only one who can put an end to the Blood Lake Monster.

Is she willing to sacrifice everything for the town that ruined her life?

You can buy Blood Lake Monster from Amazon UK & Amazon US



When Eddie gets a flat in the middle of nowhere, the last thing on his mind is death. Then as darkness falls and the storm worsens, he’s forced to seek shelter alongside his significant other, Banksy. Big mistake.

Bed and Breakfast, the sign said, but there are no eggs and bacon on the menu here. Instead, their host serves up four tales of terror with a little murder on the side. And as the other residents of the mansion gradually reveal themselves, Eddie and Banksy begin to wonder if they’ll ever check out alive. 

You can buy Dead And Breakfast from Amazon UK & Amazon US



You can buy all of the brilliant Rewind Or Die series in one package from Amazon UK & Amazon US

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