{HoHoHorror} Kendall Reviews Christmas Selection Box: 10 titles from Demain Publishing.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be showcasing several publishers, with a Christmas Selection Box of some of their titles that I hope the Fiends of Kendall Reviews will support, retweet and maybe even buy a few of.

Please support the authors & publishers listed over the next few weeks, if you do decide to buy something then please tweet out about it. Just a quick post saying which title you bought and don’t forget to tag me (@gjkendall) and I can help spread the word. If you can also leave a review either on your blog, Amazon, Goodreads, Twitter that means so much to everyone. Even a one-line review or just a star rating can make a huge difference to a book’s sales.

Today I’m delighted to showcase Demain Publishing

Website: www.demainpublishing.com

Twitter: @DemainPubUK

Joe By Terry Grimwood (cover by Adrian Baldwin)

Joe walks with God. Now Joe is in love, but it is a love that dare not speak its name and it will tear his soul apart…Writing about ‘Joe’, author Terry Grimwood said: “Joe is inspired by the true story of a young gay man who attended the same (British) Baptist church as my first wife and I in the 1980s. His name was Simon, and he was charming, intelligent, kind and devout. I can’t say that we were close friends, but we were certainly acquaintances and he was someone I respected for the very obvious depth of his faith. I too was a convinced believer in the Christian faith in those days and regularly attended the church’s weeknight prayer meetings. Simon would inevitably stand and pray and was always eloquent and respectful. He was also in pain. His cries to God for help were soul-felt and often heart-breaking. Like most of us in the church, I had no idea that he was gay and that trying to reconcile his faith and sexuality was the cause of his agony, until it was too late.

You can buy Joe from Amazon UK & Amazon US

Finding Jericho By Dave Jeffery (cover by Adrian Baldwin)

Madness is relative…

Jonathan Dupree knows this all too well. He’s moved in with his mother to look after his uncle, a life-long sufferer of mental illness.

When school kids target Jonathan, he makes a pact with a local gang to fit in, a pact that will see him betray his family and seek redemption from a most unlikely source.

The question is, will it work?

You can buy Finding Jericho from Amazon UK & Amazon US

House Of Wrax By Raven Dane (cover by Adrian Baldwin)

Set in a toxic, post-disaster-struck Earth, where only the most tenacious lifeforms have evolved to survive. Remnants of humanity shelter in massive fortresses from the monsters of the wasteland. A single act of anger triggers peril for all the survivors. Revenge is a dish of human flesh!

You can buy House Of Wrax from Amazon UK & Amazon US

The Underclass By Dan Weatherer (cover by Adrian Baldwin; central art piece by Roberto Segate)

In a world where the rules of death suddenly no longer apply, thirty-something Lee Callows, prepares for the greatest day of his largely uneventful life: promotion to the first rung of middle management. However, his (after) life takes an unexpected turn when he is involved in a fatal road traffic accident on his way to work. Yet his death is the least of his problems!

Disowned by an unsympathetic wife, shunned by his apathetic brother, and fired from his job (employment law doesn’t apply to the deceased) Lee, now homeless, alone and struggling to accept his death, seeks solace in the back alleys of Wisterbury.

It is there that he encounters Meryl, and Harry ‘The Head’ Buckley. Meryl, (a student turned stripper, who earlier that morning had been shot dead by an overzealous admirer) too has been made homeless, her housemates less than enthusiastic about sharing their home with a walking corpse. She explains how she came across Harry, who having already died once, had attempted suicide by throwing himself in front of an HGV. The attempt had been unsuccessful, and the sight of Harry’s severed head mouthing silent obscenities in the gutter had been too much for Meryl to ignore.

Together, the three of them attempt to come to terms with their newfound undead status, in a city that has little time for the living, let alone the dead!

You can buy The Underclass from Amazon UK & Amazon US

Where We Live By Tim Cooke (cover by Adrian Baldwin)

Where We Live’ is a collection of loosely connected short stories that track the same central character’s experience of some of the landscapes surrounding his family home. These landscapes contribute directly or metaphorically to the protagonist’s understanding of his place in the world. Tim Cooke is interested in what drives us to seek out these outshift and edgeland environments and how such landscapes can act upon us. He considers his work to fall into the emerging category of ‘landscape punk’, while some stories directly address themes consistent with works of ecogothic. The collection isn’t outright horror, he is subtle, atmospheric and at times, purposefully ambiguous and as such creates something quite unique…

You can buy Where We Live from Amazon UK & Amazon US

The Fallen By Anthony Watson (cover by Adrian Baldwin)

At its heart, The Fallen is a ‘creature feature’, where man is pitted against monster. It’s a homage to the films and books that have made an impression on author Anthony Watson and influenced his writing, and it wears those influences – in particular The Thing and Alien – proudly on its sleeve.

As Anthony said: “On a deeper level I guess The Fallen is about the persistence of evil – the story itself spans centuries and presents the same supernatural foe in three different time periods. The Fallen describes the varying approaches mankind has taken to combat that evil: religion, military force and science and the varying success of those approaches. It’s about fate and friendship and what happens when the supernatural impinges on the real world at different stages of human history.”

What Anthony is striving for is an epic adventure story; a narrative that will keep the reader entertained, creating thrilling set-pieces but populating them with real characters you care for…and boy, has he succeeded.

You can buy The Fallen from Amazon UK & Amazon US

Greenbeard By John Travis (cover by Adrian Baldwin)

Equal parts horror, crime and fairy-tale, Greenbeard tells the tale of the School Tie Killer, currently stalking Acrebridge and bringing fear to a small community. At the same time, two very different men arrive in the area, unknown to each other: Dave Lakeland, the blonde-haired, smiling businessman, highly regarded by all who know him; and the elderly Mr Miles, an unusually sensitive and strange, itinerant artist, struggling to cope with the modern world and make a meagre living. People have their suspicions as to who the murderer is; but to begin with only a small boy, Daniel Serle, knows who the real killer is. But when the two men meet by accident in a local park, Mr Miles also learns the truth. And armed only with his unique visions and a very special tin of decades-old paint, he must try rid the town of the horrors it faces.

You can buy Greenbeard from Amazon UK & Amazon US

And Blood Did Fall By Chad A Clark (cover by Adrian Baldwin)

Darkness has risen to engulf the city.

A series of brutal killings have gone largely unnoticed by the people, engulfed in their routines and their dead end lives.

Feeling at the end of her tether, one detective stumbles upon a connection and a path that she has no choice but to go down.

Flanked by fellow officers who have no interest in seeing her do anything other than fail, she stands as the only line of defense against an enemy that previously only existed beyond the furthest reaches of the worst of nightmares…

You can buy And Blood Did Fall from Amazon UK & Amazon US

Night Voices By Paul Edwards & Frank Duffy (cover by Adrian Baldwin)

Paul Edwards. Frank Duffy. Night Voices.

Two writers. 12 Stories.

Personal experiences. Imaginations running riot. Horror explored and realised. Difficult and challenging. Interconnected but unconnected. Troubled families. Terrifying transformations. Ghostly wraths. Descent into madness and murder…

…these are the voices of the night.

You can buy Night Voices from Amazon UK & Amazon US

Vistas By Chris Kelso (cover by Adrian Baldwin; central art piece by Alan M. Clark)

On today’s excursion: bear witness to a realm where transhuman video store-clerks can project their souls at will. Occult Detectives get lost in Lagos. Or simply hop aboard a writers retreat on the good ship, Zarathustra.

There’s a new vista for everyone.

We hope you enjoy the view.

You can buy Vistas from Amazon UK & Amazon US

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