{HoHoHorror} Kendall Reviews Christmas Selection Box: 10 titles from Clash Books.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be showcasing several publishers, with a Christmas Selection Box of some of their titles that I hope the Fiends of Kendall Reviews will support, retweet and maybe even buy a few of.

Please support the authors & publishers listed over the next few weeks, if you do decide to buy something then please tweet out about it. Just a quick post saying which title you bought and don’t forget to tag me (@gjkendall) and I can help spread the word. If you can also leave a review either on your blog, Amazon, Goodreads, Twitter that means so much to everyone. Even a one-line review or just a star rating can make a huge difference to a book’s sales.

Today I’m delighted to showcase Clash Books

Website: www.clashbooks.com

Twitter: @clashbooks

No Name Atkins: Jerrod Schwarz

These poems tell a story. They tell the story of Susan ‘no name’ Atkins and the dark spiral that led to the eventual famous murders we all know about.

Murder plots. Drugs. A cult forming in the shadows of Hollywood. At the center of it all, Charles Manson and his devoted followers. No Name Atkins gives voice to the Manson family’s most notorious member, chronicling in verse her decent into violence. 

How does someone like Susan Atkins become a killer? These poems unfurl the bizarre, hallucinatory, and terrifying moments that led to one of America’s most reviled stories of devotion and death.

You can buy No Name Atkins directly from Clash HERE

Burials: Jessica Drake-Thomas

 What is buried can return. Those who are dead can still speak. A witch can be burned, but not silenced. When the abattoir is opened, the dead will rise. Burials is the narrative of those whose voices have been taken away—murdered women, witches, ghosts. It’s about speaking one’s truth, and using magic to heal or to banish, even from beyond the grave.

You can buy Burials directly from Clash HERE

Dark Moons Rising on a Starless Night: Mame Diene

A collection of 4 novellas of African horror and speculative fiction. 

Fistulas There’s a village that lies in the shade of a giant tree. Humanitarian Dr. Salio discovers that the children living there need assistance and to be studied, but is there any cure for when tradition and horror are one and the same?

The Whores, The Dealer and The Diamond The most beautiful things are found in the darkest of places, just as hope is found in the darkest of moments. Sometimes darkness overcomes them all.

Popobawa You can find everything in Zanzibar. It grows on the side of the road, shinning white baobabs, pineapples, nutmeg, and the essence of Chanel N°5. And demons.

Black and Gold A mischievous spirit walks the beaches of Dakar at twilight. Sometimes for good, oftentimes not. Sometimes to protect his people, but sometimes protection is its own prison.

You can buy Dark Moons Rising On A Starless Night directly from Clash HERE

Helena: Claire L. Smith

On the outskirts of London, 1855, mortician and funeral director Helena Morrigan struggles with her limited finances and the heavy burdens of her past. Desperate to secure herself, she takes up residence in an aged house closer the graveyard, closer to the lost souls that sense her torment and are determined to take her place in the mortal world. As she tries to tame and free the ghostly figures around her, she becomes acquainted with the owners of the home, the recently orphaned siblings, Eric, Audrey and Christian Tarter. Yet, the souls she wants to save are on edge as a horrific serial killer runs rampant, giving Helena a boost in business and suspicion. Against her best efforts, Helena is suddenly thrown into a bloody mystery where new and old friendships are tested, innocents are maimed and a horrific family secret that threatens her chance at a peaceful existence and her existence itself.

You can buy Helena directly from Clash HERE

HEXIS: Charlene Elsby

I’m not relentless. “Relentless” makes it sound like there’s something called “relent” and that I’m lacking it. In that sense, I’m not relentless, but perhaps I’m unrelenting. I could relent if I wanted to. But he always has to die. I mean “always” in two senses: at all times and all of the time. I can’t kill him all of the time. That would take too long. But all of the times I did, I did. I’d do it again. I could relent if I wanted to, but instead I’d do it again. If he’s different, then he’s the same and if he’s the same, he’s got to go. If he were different and not the same, then there would be two things and I’d only have to kill one of them. If only I only had to kill one of him. What a life I would live, if only I only had to kill him the one time. But death doesn’t always do him in.

You can buy Hexis directly from Clash HERE

The Mummy of Canaan: Maxwell Bauman

A group of American teens visiting Israel have awakened an ancient curse. Now a mummy walks among them, slaughtering and dismembering them one by one to make himself whole again.

The lead detective on the case scrambles for clues to stop the killings while trying to prevent the gruesome details of the investigation from reaching the public and becoming just another crazed conspiracy theory. Can he put an end to the mummy’s killing spree before it’s too late or will the land of Canaan be permanently stained red with blood?

You can buy The Mummy Of Canaan directly from Clash HERE

Nightmares in Ecstasy: Brendan Vidito

Nightmares in Ecstasy is a collection of thirteen stories of surreal body horror. Within its pages, the line between eroticism and terror, desire and death, is blurred. Damaged souls hurtle, as if in a dream, toward mutilation, transformation and fates worse than death. It is literary hardcore fiction for fans of David Cronenberg, Junji Ito, and Clive Barker.

You can buy Nightmares In Ecstasy directly from Clash HERE

The Haunting of the Paranormal Romance Awards: Christoph Paul & Mandy De Sandra

Autumn Collins left rehab with medical debt and a new skill: she had a knack for spinning dark sexy yarns of paranormal romance to her rehab housemates. Unable to find a steady job, Autumn self-publishes her stories with moderate success. She attends the Paranormal Romance Awards, hoping to land top agent Janet Rose to help her snag a 6-figure dream deal. Despite dwindling sales, her latest novel has been nominated for the Haunted Heart Award.  

Also up for the Award is Nora Carpenter, who routinely throws parashade at Autumn on Twitter, and Shira Constantine, a paranormal romance author who based her novel on what she is convinced are real encounters with the spirit of her dearly deceased husband. At the awards ceremony, Shira will unleash something that is not her husband. It something ancient and evil that thrives on dark romance. Autumn and her rivals must work together to survive a hotel that has twisted their stories into an Infernoesque fantasy world.

You can buy The Haunting Of The Paranormal Romance Awards directly from Clash HERE

The Parasite From Proto Space & Other Stories: Brett Petersen

A Parasite from Proto Space summoning memory-eating worms? Funeral machines devouring teenagers? Cosmic voyages to Pleroma, and a frog baby that transcends time and space? These are just some of the things you’ll find in this collection of stories by Brett Petersen: stories that will warp your reality until his mind becomes your world.

You can buy The Parasite From Proto Space & Other Stories directly from Clash HERE

Sequelland: Jay Slayton-Joslin

In the back alley of HOLLYWOOD lies SEQUELLAND, where directors and creatives get the chance to do what they love, not necessarily in the conditions that they love. Jay Slayton-Joslin, a writer and horror fan, experiencing his own existential crisis takes a direct approach exploring his childhood filled with direct to DVD horror sequels, interviewing those who created the sequels to iconic franchises feel upon looking back on them. The story of people who tried to do what they loved, filled with pride, regret, and resolution.


You can buy Sequelland directly from Clash HERE

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