Hellraiser: Anthology [Volume 2] (Announcement & preview images)


Kendall Reviews are delighted to bring you news of a follow up to the fantastic Hellraiser Anthology released last year by Clive Barker/Seraphim Comics.

Seraphim Comics, Clive Barker’s graphic novel imprint, has unveiled 9 preview pages of Hellraiser: Anthology Volume Two, a 112-page hardcover collection featuring 16 original Hellraiser tales, in anticipation of its launch at Son of Monsterpalooza on Friday, September 15th. The anthology will subsequently go on sale on September 24th via Clive Barker’s online store, www.realclivebarker.com, both as a hardcover graphic novel and a digital download. The anthology will feature 16 original stories, a PIN-up gallery, and more.

The anthology consists of stories written by returning Hellraiser comic scribes Ben Meares, Christian Francis, Mark Alan Miller, David McKendry & Rebekah McKendry and Matt. Murray, as well as newcomers to the series Zac Thompson & Lonnie Nadler (The Dregs) and Ken Winkler. Additionally, the graphic novel will feature a prose story detailing the origin of the fan-favorite Cenobite the Chatterer, written by the Chatterer himself, Nicholas Vince. The tale will feature pen and ink illustrations by Clive Barker. Artists include returning Hellraiser alumni Daniele Serra (who provides the cover along with a six-page story), Riley Schmitz, Jim Terry and Nick Percival, along with newcomers to the series Mark Torres (Zombies Vs. Robots: Undercity, Judge Dredd), Hector Casanova (The Lurkers, Screamland), Christian DiBari (Hoax Hunters, Magdalena), Simon Gough (GI Joe: Snake Eyes), Devmalya Pramanik (Nightbreed) and Nino Cammarata (The Black Cat).

Hellraiser: Anthology Volume Two will be priced at $35 and the digital download will be priced at $15.

Release Dates:

Son of Monsterpalooza, Burbank, CA—September 15th to 17th (Hardcover only)

www.realclivebarker.com from September 24th (Hardcover & Digital Download)


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