{Giveaway} Your chance to win ‘The Black Locomotive’, the stunning new novel from Rian Hughes

The Black Locomotive: Rian Hughes

Kendall Reviews Giveaway

London is built from concrete, steel and the creative urge.

Old technology gives way to the new. Progress is inevitable – but is it more fragile than its inhabitants realise?

A strange anomaly is uncovered in the new top-secret Crossrail extension being built under Buckingham Palace. It is an archaeological puzzle, one that may transform our understanding of history – and the origins of London itself.

And if our modern world falls, we may have to turn to the technology of the past in order to save our future.

The Black Locomotive, the second novel from illustrator, designer, typographer and writer, Rian Hughes is out now. To celebrate this, I’m delighted to be able to offer you the chance to win this stunning book as well as Rian’s debut novel XX.

The Prizes…

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The Black Locomotive (Hardback & Limited Edition Smokebox Pin)

XX (Paperback)

To enter couldn’t be easier, all you need to do is retweet my pinned post. That’s it!

The giveaway is open to the UK only and will end on Friday 13th August 2021

The winner will be announced on the morning of the 13th.

Good Luck!

Thank you Picador BooksBlack Crow & Rian Hughes for providing the prizes.

Steambox pin photo @rianhughes

Note: the photo of XX shows the hardback version.

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