Full Scream Ahead it’s time to get “D-RAILED”

A woman boards a train that derails into a lake in the middle of the night. She, along with other surviving passengers find themselves trapped within the sinking wreckage. They discover what lies beneath the surface is far more terrifying as they fight to stay alive against a deadly predator determined to kill them one by one.

Directed by Dale Fabrigar

Writing Credits

Suzanne DeLaurentiis, Dale Fabrigar & Everette Wallin

When a train derails into the river, its surviving passengers are faced with a grim challenge….die in the wreckage or face the unknown that awaits them in the murky waters below. The film stars veteran actor Lance Henriksen (Aliens and The Terminator), international actor Frank Lammers (The Admiral), Shae Smolik (The Sandman), Carter Scott and Everette Wallin.

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