{Update} The Kendall Reviews ‘Books Of Blood’ Advent Calendar 2021

The Kendall Reviews Advent Calendar 2021

Clive Barker ‘Books Of Blood’ Special

This holiday season Kendall Reviews are looking to do things a little differently. An advent calendar that offers reviews and guest posts each day rather than red-nosed reindeers and candy canes.

To test the waters I put out a tweet to garner interest. Would reviewers, readers, authors and publishers be up for contributing to a Books Of Blood themed advent calendar?

The answer was very much…YES!

So I’m writing this post to clarify some details and to hopefully pull in some more contributors.


  • Each day from December 1st to 24th, Kendall Reviews will be posting a review/guest post based on a story from Clive Barker’s ‘Books Of Blood’
  • Stories will be allocated on a first-come/first-served basis. (All have now been allocated)
  • If the story is in BOLD in the list below then the story is taken, so please choose another.
  • Contact me via DM/E-Mail to notify me you’d like to take part and which story you’d like.
  • There’s no maximum word count, but a minimum of 500 words would be appreciated
  • I’d like all final reviews/posts emailed to me by the last week of November at the latest.
  • My email is gavin@kendallreviews.com
  • With your post can you also include the following…
    • Your photo, bio and any promo links you’d like shared.

I’d like to thank those that have already thrown their hat into the ring, and I look forward to any future contributors looking to take part in the Kendall Reviews ‘Books Of Blood’ Advent Calendar 2021

Introduction – @PaulKaneShadow (Received)

Books Of Blood Volume 1

The Book Of Blood – @AlanBaxter (Received)

The Midnight Meat Train – @coycaterpillar (Received)

The Yattering And Jack – @carynlarrinaga (Received)

Pig Blood Blues – @HorrorPaperback (Received)

Sex, Death And Starshine – @Tabatha_Writes (Received)

In The Hill, The Cities – @jcr_scribe (Received)

Books Of Blood Volume 2

Dread – @spwzen (Received)

Hell’s Event – @CRLangille (Received)

Jacqueline Ess: Her Will And Testament – @RealPaulFlewitt (Received)

The Skins Of The Fathers – @natcassidy (Received)

New Murders In The Rue Morgue – @deanmdrinkel (Received)

Books Of Blood Volume 3

Son Of Celluloid – @Cleric20 (Received)

Rawhead Rex – @Rudy53088

Confessions Of A (Pornographer’s) Shroud – @MarkEWest (Received)

Scape-Goats – @josephwordsmith (Received)

Human Remains – @EnigmaticElegy (Received)

Books Of Blood Volume 4

The Inhuman Condition – @SteveLC8349 (Received)

The Body Politic – @BensNotWriting (Received)

Revelations – @davebjeffery (Received)

Down, Satan! – @TJ_Tranchell (Received)

The Age Of Desire – @Benjurigan (Received)

Books Of Blood Volume 5

The Forbidden – @mrremoraman (Received)

The Madonna – @MxRxDx (Received)

Babel’s Children – @angryscotsman81 (Received)

In The Flesh – @HulseAdam (Received)

Books Of Blood Volume 6

The Life Of Death – @natwhiston1 (Received)

How Spoilers Bleed – @garyvanlare

Twilight At The Towers – @RACHELb75

The Last Illusion – @PMesling (Received)

On Jerusalem Street” ( A Postscript) – @AlanBaxter (Received)

Afterword – To Be Announced

Books Of Blood

Here are the stories written on the Book of Blood.

They are a map of that dark highway that leads out of life towards unknown destinations.

Few will have to take it.

Most will go peacefully along lamplit streets, ushered out of living with prayers and caresses.

But for a few, the horrors will come, skipping, to fetch them off to the highway of the damned…

Gavin Kendall

I’m living in the South-East of England between London and Brighton. I’ve been married to Laura since 2000 and have two daughters. (Emily & Freya). I’ve always had a passion for horror and decided, as a hobby, that I’d like to create a blog to showcase this fascination with the darker genres.

I started Kendall Reviews in January 2017, initially to host my reviews of books and music that I had in my sizeable collections. This became a passion project pretty quickly and morphed into a blog that wanted to help PROMOTE HORROR.

I want to thank all the people who interact with the blog and the rest of the Kendall Reviews team.

Please find all my contact details here

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