{Feature} The wonderful Madeleine Swann and her husband Bill have a new podcast, Bildie’s Bizarro Bedtime

Getting The Cogs Turning Again

Madeleine Swann

I write bizarro and weird fiction but, with lockdown happening, I’ve been struggling to concentrate on bigger projects and spending waaaay more time with my husband Bill than before. He’s used to me inventing characters or making up stories as I wander through the house like a confused ghost, such as Mr Ploppenschvere who breaks everything and hides our stuff from us, so it just made sense to start a storytelling podcast together.

Weird fiction and bizarro writer Madeleine Swann and her husband Bill Purnell tell each other a different peculiar story every night.

Please go listen to Bildie’s Bizarro Bedtime HERE

I wanted to do the whole thing live from start to finish, not literally live but no breaks, with me telling Bill a story then swapping, so there’s nowhere to hide. I wanted to see how my brain could handle sudden, fiction related demands, especially when it’s up against Bill’s logic. If you look through our windows (please don’t) you’d probably see me do or say something very weird and Bill explaining it away to prevent his mind from melting, like the time I air bicycled on the bed whilst squeaking a tune and he asked if I was pretending to be an ice cream man on a bike. He has to make it make sense, bless his cottons.

You can read the Kendall Review for The Vine That Ate The Starlet HERE

I think my husband is a very clever and funny man (he just released his first album, too, Blind Man Walking) and, to be honest, I just want to share him and our fun times with the world. I may have slowed down a bit with major projects but starting Bildie’s Bizarro Bedtime podcast has got my cogs turning again so it’d be great if you gave it a go. It’s available on most platforms including my youtube channel.

You can buy a copy of Blind Man Walking from Amazon UK & Amazon US

Madeleine Swann

Madeleine Swann’s collection, Fortune Box, was published by Eraserhead Press and nominated for a Wonderland Award. Her short stories have appeared in various anthologies and podcasts including Splatterpunk Award nominated The New Flesh: A David Cronenberg Tribute. She likes bright colours and funny noises, much like a baby.

You can find out more about Madeleine by visiting her official website www.madeleineswann.com

You can follow Madeleine on Twitter @MadeleineSwann

Madeleine’s Youtube Channel HERE

The Vine That Ate The Starlet

In New York, 1923, Dolly is a gossip columnist in a world overrun by man-eating plants.

She lives a life of glitz, glamor, and blackmail. That is until she finds a guest at a party dead – half-eaten by the deadly Vines. The girl’s death leads her into a conspiracy of doomed starlets, shady PR Agencies, and an overzealous Immigration Bureau.

You can buy The Vine That Ate The Starlet from Amazon UK & Amazon US

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