{Feature} The Crying Forest: Venero Armanno, a tale of murder and magic, of dark desires and the even darker cost of their fulfillment.

The Crying Forest: Venero Armanno

The Crying Forest is the first Uncaching the Treasures’ title by IFWG – a campaign introducing quality fiction post-COVID in Australia


With The Crying Forest, Venero Armanno delivers a tale of murder and magic, of dark desires and the even darker cost of their fulfilment. Swift-moving, brutal, with unexpected moments of tenderness, it compels the readers attention all the way to the end, then lingers in the mind afterward. John Langan, author of Children of the Fang and Other Genealogies

The Crying Forest is a compelling folk horror story that combines elements of crime fiction and the occult to create a unique vision of a world teeming with ghosts, shapeshifters, and profoundly human evil. The writing is crisp the authorial voice assured, and the horror is real and gritty. Gary McMahon, author of Glorious Beasts, and the Thomas Usher and Concrete Grove series


Agata Rosso, a once-mighty yet now prematurely aged European witch, believes that the special gifts in a young girl named Lía Munro can restore youth and vitality both to herself and her bedridden husband.

She sets a deadly plan in motion to capture and use Lía-but will the girl have enough power to protect herself, plus the father she loves so much?

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Venero Armanno

Venero Armanno is the author of ten critically acclaimed novels, including his recent book Burning Down (2017). His other well-known books include Black Mountain (2012), The Dirty Beat (2007) and Candle Life (2006). Further back, Veny’s novel Firehead was shortlisted in the 1999 Queensland Premier’s Literary Award; in 2002 The Volcano won the award with Best Fiction Book of the Year. His work has gone on to be published in the United States, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Israel and South Korea.

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