{Feature} Tarn Richardson Unleashes The Darkest Hand Trilogy.

THE DARKEST HAND trilogy consists of the free prequel novella, THE HUNTED, THE DAMNED, THE FALLEN and lastly THE RISEN.

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The story spans the whole of world war one and is an epic tale of war, religion, conspiracy, murder, treachery and eventual redemption.

Based on historical fact and vast in its scale, the trilogy should appeal to lovers of Dan Brown, Graham Greene, Lee Child and Tolkien.


The Hunted

“Dan Brown fans will clearly love this, and it’s rather more sophisticated, too” Daily Mail

In the bustling streets of Sarajevo in June 1914, the dead body of a priest lies, head shattered by the impact of a fall from a building high above. As the city prepares for the arrival Archduke Franz Ferdinand, grim-faced inquisitor Tacit Poldek is faced not only with the challenge of discovering why the priest has been killed but also confronting other menaces: the demon rumoured to be at large in the city and the conspirators of the Black Hand organisation who plan to assassinate the Archduke.

With terrible danger only ever one step away and his private demons silenced only by a strong drink, THE HUNTED introduces us to the damaged soul that is the unorthodox Catholic inquisitor Tacit Poldek. It is a world both like and unlike our own but in which the Inquisition, is alive and well yet existing in the shadows; in which history is poised to take dangerous and unpredictable paths; where evil assumes many horrific forms, from werewolves to the institutional slaughter of the trenches; and the threat to humanity (in all senses of the word) – and to love – is ever constant.

THE HUNTED is the FREE prequel to Tarn Richardson’s gritty and compelling DARKEST HAND TRILOGY featuring the brilliant but flawed inquisitor Tacit Poldek.

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The Damned

1914. The Outbreak of War

In the French City of Arras, Father Andreas is brutally murdered and the Catholic Inquisition sends its most determined and unhinged inquisitor to investigate. Poldek Tacit’s mission is to protect the Church from those who seek to undermine it. At any cost.

As Tacit arrives, British and German soldiers confront each other across the horror that is No Man’s Land and a beautiful French woman warns Lieutenant Henry Frost that there is a dark and unnatural foe lurking underground more awful than even Tacit can comprehend.

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The Fallen

1915. Demonic possessions are sweeping across Rome.

War is raging on the Italian Austro-Hungarian border and bodies are piling up in the streets. But it isn’t the ravages of war that is causing such mass destruction, something evil and unnatural force is roaming the land and the Vatican’s Eagle Fountain is running red with blood.

Only Poldek Tacit, the church’s brilliant but flawed Inquisitor can hope to hold back the malevolent power, but as he immerses himself in this dangerous investigation he discovers that the path he is treading has already been prophesied and that where it is leading is threatening the very future of a world already teetering on the brink of the abyss.

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The Risen

1917. The Apocalypse is imminent.

It is three years since our first introduction to the brilliant but flawed Catholic church Inquisitor Poldek Tacit, and the world has never needed him more. War, revolution and a relentless tide of inhuman terror is consuming the earth but where is Tacit?

As old allies unite in a frantic race to unmask the Antichrist and thwart his plan to bring everything into his power, the Darkest Hand continues to terrorise the innocent while in the Vatican’s vaults, long-buried secrets are about to be unveiled, and humanity’s chance of escape from the forces of evil hangs by a single thread.

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Tarn Richardson

Tarn Richardson was brought up a fan of fantasy and horror, in a remote house, rumoured to be haunted, near Taunton, Somerset. He is the author of THE DARKEST HAND series, published by Duckworth Overlook in 2015-2017 and republished by RedDoor in 2019. Comprising of THE DAMNED, THE FALLEN, THE RISEN, and free eBook prequel THE HUNTED, the books tell the epic story of Inquisitor Poldek Tacit, battling the forces of evil to the backdrop of World War One. He has also written the novels, RIPPED, and THE VILLAGE IN THE WOODS, to be published in 2020 and 2021. He lives near Salisbury with this wife, the portraiture artist Caroline Richardson, and their two sons.

Twitter @tarnrichardson/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/tarnrichardson.author/

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/tarnrichardson/

Official Website www.tarnrichardson.co.uk

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