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I’m back! Back again! Stred’s back, tell your friends!

Guess I’m back, guess I’m back, guess I’m back!

So, turns out, I created a monster with ‘Tunes From the Crypt.’

Do you remember that? I had a monthly feature here on Kendall Reviews where I shared a bunch of music that I loved and went through my musical journey from youth to today. We got to a point where Gavin and I felt it had kind of ran its course. I believe I did 12 or 15 instalments, with a ton of great music shared.

When we decided to finally put it in the coffin and bury it six feet down I sat back and realized – we had nothing decided to replace it! It took until just a month ago, of sending ideas back and forth before something came to me. I pitched to Mr Reviews aka Gavin himself and he said (direct quote I swear!) “Brilliant! You are brilliant! God, I can’t stop saying how brilliant you are, Steve!” (This will be where Gavin inserts some snarky editorial rebuttal – which shows I’m accurately quoting.)

KR: Snarky? Me? 

For some time, I was doing author shouts. Each day I was trying to give a quick spotlight on authors and sharing their amazing work. I took a break before going on vacation and had said I would start again on September 1st… which I didn’t do! Part of that was because of this idea that was starting to fester in my brain. So, here it is. My new way of doing author shouts.

Books From the Crypt.

What exactly is this? Since the beginning of 2018, I have read a lot of books. As of writing this on September 23, 2020, I have read 511 books and will be finishing two more this week. I try my best to read the books that often get overlooked by newer authors.

Each couple of weeks, I will highlight three books that I have read, that I think more of you should read.

The main caveat is the book doesn’t have more than 50 ratings on Goodreads at the time of me writing the column. Some of the books I’ll feature have only a single rating/review (which coincidentally is from me!) Some may be at 48 or 50 even when I write about them. If they push over the 50 mark before the article is shared, I won’t be removing it from the feature. The entire purpose is to get more eyeballs on each of these books.

So, without any more delay, I’ll shut up and share three books!

Let There Be Dark – Tim McWhorter

Released August 21, 2018

I’ve long been a fan of Mr. McWhorter and this collection is top-notch. Opening with a stunning story set in Salem, I loved how each of the tales featured in here made me cringe or get creeped out. My favorite story in the bunch was ‘Growing Cold Together,’ a story that followed a group of characters in the backcountry who stop to relieve their bladders, only to discover they are not alone.

You can check out my full review here: Let There Be Dark

You can buy Let There Be Dark from Amazon UK & Amazon US

Your Arms Around Entropy – Brian Fatah Steele

Released September 4, 2018

My introduction to Brian’s work. The only reason I said yes to reviewing this collection was because I was messaging with Michael Patrick Hicks, and MPH said he was loving it. I am so happy that I said yes. Brian has one of the most imaginative minds out there. His own take on the celestial mythos is stunning and I love how he is never afraid to try something and to go there.

Of the stories in here, ‘Bleak Mathematics’ still stands out, which was a fantastic tale of someone attending a concert by an obscure black metal band. Definitely recommend you check this collection out.

You can see my full thoughts here: Your Arms Around Entropy

You can buy Your Arms Around Entropy from Amazon UK & Amazon US

The Awakening (Book One) – KL Hagaman

Released November 22, 2018

Part one of ‘The Awakening’ trilogy, KL Hagaman has opened up the first in the series with a fantastic piece of fantasy fiction. Following a princess and her bodyguard during the early stages of a revolution, Hagaman crafted a really enjoyable character-driven read. The world she created is amazing. I still need to read the other two entries, but knowing how well Hagaman writes, I have no worries that I won’t enjoy them!

You can see my review here: The Awakening (Book One)

You can buy The Awakening (Book One) from Amazon UK & Amazon US

Well, that’s a wrap for entry one in ‘Books From the Crypt.’

Join me again next month where I promise not to start the column off with a horrible attempt at Eminem lyrics.


Steve Stred

Steve Stred is the author of a number of novels, novellas and collections. He has appeared in anthologies with some of Horror’s heaviest hitters.

He lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with his wife, son and their dog OJ.

You can follow Steve on Twitter @stevestred

You can follow Steve on Instagram @stevestred

You can visit Steve’s Official website here

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