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The Ash: Dan Soule

The fiends of Kendall Reviews and subscribers to the Dan Soule mailing list have early access to the brilliant new sci-fi horror The Ash for the specially discounted price of 99p/c.

Please use the following universal link The Ash for the special price.

The price will increase upon the official release date which is tomorrow, September 1st.

You know the drill: mushroom clouds, end of the world, only the clichés survive. This isn’t that…

Even on the day of his divorce, Constable Jim Castle just wants to get back to his family, but no one can risk going outside. Not anymore. Worse still, when the fallout starts, Jim is hostage to a gang of armed thieves in a rundown farmhouse. Their plan is simple: wait it out as the radioactive ash piles higher and try not to kill each other. But they don’t have to worry about any of that. Because all their assumptions about what caused the end of the world are about to be snatched away – like a body into the ash.

A blend of The Road meets Alien in the English countryside, Dan Soule’s The Ash is a breakneck horror ride. Another of the author’s Fright Night tales, where even if one man can face his demons, it still might not be enough. So turn the page and get pulled screaming into… The Ash.

You can read the first four chapters exclusively via Kendall Reviews by following the links.

Chapters 1 & 2

Chapters 3 & 4

You can buy The Ash from Amazon UK & Amazon US

Dan Soule

Once Dan is a horror author who was an academic, but the sentences proved too long and the words too obscure. Northern Ireland is where he now lives. But he was born in England and raised in Byron’s hometown, which the bard hated but Dan does not. They named every other road after Byron. As yet no roads are named after Dan but several children are. Dan’s literary fiction has featured in Number Eleven, Storgy, and the Dime Show Review. His science fiction is available in Shoreline of Infinity and Phantaxis. And his horror can be found in Devolution Z, Sanitarium Magazine, Disturbed Digest and Into the Ruins.

Dan’s website is at www.dansoule.com where there is an exclusive ebook of short stories available, plus a classic horror novel.

You can follow Dan on Twitter @WriterDanSoule

Dan’s Linktree is HERE

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