{Feature/Cover Reveal} Released Today! Neolithica By Dan Soule

Neolithica By Dan Soule

Released 19th January 2020


Neolithica is a masterful meditation on horror and grief – A cult horror smash, which conjures up the very best from Hutson and Herbert – a terrifying must read for all horror fans!’


‘Top notch horror. I see Dan (Soule) making a big impact on the horror scene.’

Joseph Sale: Author of Beyond The Black Gate

‘…if you love history, archaeology, mysteries, bog people, supernatural events as well as a good dose of horror, you will adore this book.’

Goodreads Review

Tomorrow on Kendall Reviews you can read a superb extract from Neolithica.


The discovery of a young boy’s body, brutally murdered and preserved for thousands of years in a Scottish peat bog, brings with it more than a find of a lifetime for archaeologist Mirin Hassan.

After the death of her husband, Mirin wants life to get back to normal for her and her young son. But media attention and professional rivalries become the least of her worries. Something other than cameras followed the corpse back to the university.

A malevolent force grows unseen. The weather turns biblical. Violence and death spread beyond the university. Could it be connected with the strange discovery?

The city grasps for a rational explanation, but time is up. Chaos has arrived, as Mirin realises some things should stay buried.

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Dan Soule

Once Dan is a horror author who was an academic, but the sentences proved too long and the words too obscure. Northern Ireland is where he now lives. But he was born in England and raised in Byron’s hometown, which the bard hated but Dan does not. They named every other road after Byron. As yet no roads are named after Dan but several children are. Dan’s literary fiction has featured in Number Eleven, Storgy, and the Dime Show Review. His science fiction is available in Shoreline of Infinity and Phantaxis. And his horror can be found in Devolution Z, Sanitarium Magazine, Disturbed Digest and Into the Ruins. 

Dan’s website is at www.dansoule.com where there is an exclusive ebook of short stories available, plus a classic horror novel.

You can follow Dan on Twitter @Grammatologer

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