Double Barrel Horror [Volume 2] – Edited By Matthew Weber (Book Excerpt)

Kendall Reviews bring you another small slice of horror, this time from Double Barrel Horror (Volume 2) published by Pint Bottle Press.

Six authors, 12 stories … Twice the Nightmares!

Delivering pulp horror fiction at its finest, the entire second volume of chapbooks in the Double Barrel Horror series is now available as a single anthology in paperback and Kindle download. Double Barrel Horror Vol. 2 features two stories each from John Boden, Simon Dewar, Patrick Freivald, Chad Lutzke, Karen Runge and M.B. Vujacic.


Excerpt (taken from ‘Blinky’) – M.B. Vujacic.


He tapped his knuckles on Rod’s window. Rod looked at him through the glass, his hands tightening on the wheel, and said, “What the hell do you want?”

Don’t be like that, Rod,” Emily said. “Maybe he needs our help with something.”

The man knocked again and made a cranking gesture with his hand, his murky gray eyes fixed on Rod. Rod licked his lips, then lowered the window. “What is this?”

I seen some blinkies in my time,” the man said, “but gosh darn it, you take the cake.”


You don’t know what a blinky is?”

What the fuck are you talking about?”

The man flinched at the F word as if stung. “A blinky,” he said, emphasizing each syllable as if educating a toddler, “is an inconsiderate brat who leaves his frigging blinker on while driving. Like that.” He jabbed his finger at the dashboard, where the left-hand turn indicator was blinking on and off. Emily tried to recall the last time they’d taken a turn. It had been some minutes.

Do you realize how pesky that is to other motorists?” the man said. “We keep expecting you to go left. But no, every time we think you’re finally going to leave the frigging lane, you just keep going straight. And what about pedestrians who have to wait before they cross because they think you’re going to—”

Oh fuck you,” Rod said. “At least I don’t drive right up people’s asses. Learn to keep your fucking distance in traffic. Jesus Christ.”

Emily tugged at his shoulder. “Rod, let’s go. The light is green.”

The man gasped. “You foulmouthed brat.”

Fuck off, you crazy shit, you’re the fucking blinky,” Rod said. With that, he stepped on the gas and followed the other cars across the intersection. He waited for Blinky to recede into the distance before switching off the turn signal. “Can you believe that? Goddamn freak.”

You shouldn’t have been so mean.”

Drives up people’s asses and then gives them crap for forgetting a blinker. What a loon.”

Emily sighed. Rod kept ranting, so she tuned him out and leaned back to watch the scenery. Gray suburban buildings. An orange kiosk next to a bus station. A corner drugstore with racks of fresh vegetables by the entrance. An ice cream-toting brunette winking at them from a billboard.

Well, I’ll be…” Rod said, staring at the rearview mirror. Sure enough, the ugly white car was back. Catching up fast. The sight of it brought an icy twist to Emily’s stomach. Blinky must really be giving it to the gas pedal.

The traffic light ahead shone red. Rod slowed to a halt. Blinky stopped behind them, threw the door open, and marched to their car. His cheeks had turned scarlet, and a thick vein stood out on his forehead like a mountain range on a 3D map. Rod leaned out and said, “Stop harassing us or I’m gonna call the cops. I’m serious.”

You foulmouthed brat. You apologize for what you said. You apologize right this instant!”

What? I’m not apologizing for shit.”

You said I’m crazy. You called me a crazy sh-sh-sh…” He took a deep breath and drew his fingers through his meager hair. “You apologize right now.”

Fuck you, Blinky.”

Blinky gasped. “Frig me? Frig me?! Frig you, you frigging brat!”

His hand flew behind his back and returned with a large chrome sidearm and pointed it at Rod’s face. Emily opened her mouth to scream. A bang like a hand clap. Wet chunks splattering over the radio, the dashboard, the steering wheel. Rod’s body jerked once and slumped over the window frame, the back of his head gaping like a deformed mouth. Emily shrieked…

Double Barrel Horror (Volume Two) 

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Author Biography 

Mijat Budimir Vujačić is an economist by trade, storyteller at heart. He is a published author of three horror novels written in Serbian: Krvavi Akvarel, NekRomansa and Vampir. His stories have also several fiction magazines and anthologies.


Acclaim for Double Barrel Horror Vol. 2:

“Like the dual blasts from a sawed-off shotgun, these twelve stories pack a brain-shredding wallop that kept me turning pages as fast as my fingers could tap the screen. Pint Bottle Press has outdone themselves with this second volume of twisted tales from six of horror’s most talented storytellers.”

  • Shane D. Keene, Shotgun Logic and HellNotes

Each of these authors present tales of terror that, while short, sit with the reader for a long time after finishing them. Weber selected some great authors for Double-Barrel Horror Volume 2. It’s clear he has an eye for horror. Recommended for those with ironclad stomachs.”

  • Lizzy Walker, Monster Librarian

“At times darkly poetic and full of hopeful sorrow, then grinding gears and shifting into the hilariously disgusting. Get ready for some amazing shit!”

Rachel Autumn Deering, Author of Husk


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