{Demain Publishing Announcement} Welcome Home Natalie by Reyna Young, out 31st March 2021.

Welcome Home Natalie: Reyna Young

On the 31st March Demain Publishing welcome Reyna Young with her horror novella, Welcome Home Natalie.

Natalie did the one thing she never wanted to do; go back home. She didn’t have a very good childhood and her mother was the worse person to walk the face of the earth. But now that Mother is dead she must go back home and face the demons she ran away from all those years ago. That includes not only the house she grew up in but her malicious stepbrother, the boy she left behind and finding out exactly why her father left without taking her with him. With each day passing and something lurking within the shadows of the house, she learns more then she bargained for as every time night falls someone is trying to tell her something… 

Reyna Young weaves a powerful story of mystery and intrigue, involving death, familial dysfunction, lost love, and the reluctant return to a childhood home, all deliciously wrapped in the candy coating of a good, old-fashion ghost story. Great stuff!”  – Fred Wiehe, Bestselling author of ‘Aleric: Monster Hunter and The Collected Nightmares’

You can buy Welcome Home Natalie from Amazon UK & Amazon US

Reyna Young Talks To Demain Publishing

(Originally featured on the Demain Publishing Blog 18th February 2021 HERE)

DEMAIN PUBLISHING: Welcome, welcome Reyna! Hope you’re well and safe. We will talk more specifically about Welcome Home Natalie in a short while but for those that don’t know you can you tell us a little about yourself…

REYNA YOUNG: Hello, I’m happy to be here of course and okay, sure. I was born and raised in San Francisco; I run Last Doorway Productions, an indie film company. I’m also late-night Horror Host ‘Miss Misery’ of the popular syndicated show Movie Massacre. I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was a little girl. I was obsessed with Goosebumps, Edgar Allan Poe, Scary stories to tell in the dark, and whatever horror books I could get my hands on. I started writing my own short horror stories at a young age and as I grew and read more I knew it was what I wanted to do. I love to tell stories.

DP: That’s brilliant, so many strings to your bow. Well done. So, Welcome Home Natalie

RY: The story is set in a small town where a girl who ran away from home, comes back to deal with her mother’s death. Haunted by her past she faces what she left behind and the ugly truth of why her father left her so long ago.

DP: Powerful stuff. In writing the novella did you have to do much research?

RY: I found myself re-reading my favourite ghost stories before writing mine, I find reading others works inspires me.

DP: Me too – I have a couple of novels lying around which I go to if I’m not finding my own words flowing and a few paras in I find I’ve switched off from my own writing enough to find the inspiration needed to go back to it later and hopefully continue – that’s the theory anyway haha. Did you find Welcome Home Natalie difficult to write at all?

RY: Since this particular story began as a dream I had, I found myself kind of floating through it, I wrote it down after having it sit in my mind for a few weeks. I wrote down pieces of the story from my dream, did some reading and then finally sat down to write it out. I find everything I do to be a challenge, I do my best not to feel or think something is difficult in fear I’ll never get it done.

DP: Yes, the problem with ‘over-thinking’ hey…affects us all from time to time. Creatively then what is your biggest success.

RY: It’s hard to say, I have had so many creative successes it’s hard to choose. I have a successful syndicated television show; I have four films in worldwide distribution. I’m also a published author; I find everything I do to be a big success. Not to sound conceited; I’m proud of everything I‘ve done as anyone should.

DP: Exactly and why not…you touched before on your influences…

RY: I still read Goosebumps; I love R L Stine books. Stephen King, Caroline Kepnes, Joe Hill, Fred Wiehe. Everything I read influences me. I can read Shirley Jackson over and over again and never get tired of her.

DP: Some great names there…a very broad church of horror writers actually…what does ‘horror’ mean to you?

RY: It’s the thrill of being scared and loving every second of it. That spine-tingling sensation that draws up your back scaring and exciting you all at the same time. There’s nothing wrong with jumping from a scare in a film or reading it in a book that puts a smile on your face after.

DP: Nice! Is there a horror book or film coming up (and appreciate that due to the current pandemic everything’s a bit up in the air on that front) that you’re particularly looking forward to?

RY: I was looking forward to the next Ghostbusters film or Halloween but that is now on hold due to the pandemic as you say so I’ll just have to wait a little longer. I have not bought Stephen King’s new If It Bleeds book yet, I’m looking forward to reading that.

DP: Cool, cool. So, is there anything Reyna Young is frightened of?

RY: Honestly; Home invasion films scare me, I have not written anything like that yet, I’m sure I will down the road but for now I haven’t thought about writing one. They scare the crap out of me because it’s something I’ve feared since I was little, to have your home that you feel so comfortable in to be invaded, especially now that I have a child. Having an intruder or intruders take over your happy home scares me.

DP: I know where you’re coming from on that score…creatively you’ve achieved a lot (again, well done) but is there anything you’re yet to do which you really want…

RY: Ah, good question. Good question. To be honest, I would like to publish a romance novel. Don’t laugh.

DP: I wouldn’t dare…and why not a romance novel, I’d read it. So these lockdowns, what’s your routine been like?

RY: Honestly; just less going out. I work from home and take care of our little one and work on running the film company and working on my projects. Kind of nothing new to me; I think the one thing I freaked out the most about was not having the option of going out which is weird. I feel bad I can’t take my son out to the park, things like that but luckily we have a back yard and I ordered him a slide and some yard toys for him to play with.

DP: Brilliant and finally Reyna, what is something your readers might be surprised to find out about you?

RY: After I finish writing a short story of novel I like to drink a tall glass of Ovaltine to reward myself. Hahaha.

DP: LOVE IT! Thank you so much for your time Reyna, stay well and safe. The best of luck with Welcome Home Natalie which will be out as an ebook from March 31st.

Reyna Young

Reyna Young resides in San Francisco, California with her husband John Gillette and son Logan Gillette. Together they both run Last Doorway Productions, an independent film company. She is also known as TV Horror Hostess Miss Misery of Miss Misery’s Movie Massacre; Director; Actress and Author of the books Dislocated Thoughts and her ‘Monsters’ book series which includes The Creature of Stowe Cabin, Hanover Falls, Horror Lullabies and Mr. Torture, published by Black Bed Sheet Books. She also continues publishing horror comic books through Scattered Comics.

You can find out more about Reyna Young by visiting HERE

You can follow Reyna Young on Twitter @TheMissMisery

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