{Demain Publishing Announcement} Cheslyn Myre By Dan Weatherer, out 31st December 2020.

December 31st sees the publication of Dan Weatherer’s novella Cheslyn Myre (cover by Adrian Baldwin) – currently available for presales. Dan is no stranger to DEMAIN with a contribution to the Short Sharp Shocks! series Unnecessary Evil & Sick Girl and his recent release The Underclass.

Unchecked evil stirs in small town of Cheslyn Myre. 

The blood begins to flow, the adults are unable to recognise the malevolent forces at work, meaning that only a group of children are able to see the truth behind the chaos.

Can they stop death claiming their hometown once and for all?!

You can buy Cheslyn Myre from Amazon UK & Amazon US

Dan Weatherer Talks To Demain Publishing

(Originally featured on the Demain Publishing Blog 17th December 2020 HERE)

DEMAIN PUBLISHING: Great to speak to you again Dan, let’s get straight down to it, is Chesyln Myre based on a real town?

DAN WEATHERER: Yes, Cheslyn Myre is based on the town I grew up in. Many of the places mentioned are real, with slight name tweaks here and there. The Air Ministry was also real. I say was, because it was decommissioned. I think it’s a private residence these days.

DP: Reading your book brought back a memory of somewhere I lived in Kent when I was very young, there was some military ground nearby where we were ‘allowed’ to play. In the ground there were these metal doors which led to an underground chamber of some kind…I remember going into one once, I must have only been six, seven, something like that…scary but great fun haha. Anyway…did you find Cheslyn Myre difficult to write?

DW: No, because this book is probably the closest work to resembling my childhood of all. It seems fitting that my writing career looks to be ending with this release, if only for now.

DP: Indeed. When you create Dan do you challenge yourself or give your readers more of the ‘same’?

DW: I think a quick glance through my back catalogue will show that I don’t have a set style of writing. I like to keep things fresh, as much for me as my readers. I like to challenge myself to different styles, perspectives, even media. I’m happy with what I’ve produced.

DP: And we’re happy to work with you! Do you want each of your releases to stand on their own or are you trying to build a body of work with connections between each title?

DW: There are some, subtle ties between books and stories of mine. Some take place in the same universe. Others visit the same locations, albeit at a different time. I like to leave details for my readers to come across. They aren’t integral to the story, but I see them as little rewards for my more dedicated readers.

DP: That’s brilliant. Dan, what does horror mean to you?

DW: It used to be my outlet – my way of processing the world and its demons. These days I’m not close to the genre. I think 2020 has forced great struggles on a lot of people, and while some find respite in horror fiction, I tend to find myself searching for lighter relief. While I was suited to the darker realms of thought and creativity, I no longer feel that is the case. Perhaps this book sees the end of that particular chapter – as I mentioned, Cheslyn Myre contains chunks of my childhood within its pages. Releasing it into the world is my way of letting it go.

DP: That’s interesting and I don’t think you’re alone actually – it’s been a tough year all around hasn’t it – I wonder if as you say this will be your last ‘horror’ book? I think a lot of the more darker creators might end up expressing themselves in a different way moving forward just because 2021 has been so dark in so many different ways…on that depressing note, final question Dan: Do you interact a lot with your readers? If so, how/why? Any funny stories to tell?

DW: I don’t. I’m quite reclusive. I used to when I was starting out as a writer, but these days I prefer a quieter life!

DP: Great chatting to you again Dan, all the best with Cheslyn Myre and here’s to a much better / brighter 2021.

Dan Weatherer

Award-winning author Dan Weatherer was first published by Haunted Magazine in 2013. 

Aside from the publication of numerous short stories with a multitude of presses, his next major project was a solo collection of short stories titled The Soul That Screamed (Winner of the Preditors & Editors™ Readers Poll Best Anthology 2013).   

A further two collections, Only the Good Burn Bright (Spring 2015, James Ward Kirk Fiction) and Neverlight (Spring 2016, Spectral Press) quickly followed. 

His first non-fiction book titled What Dwells Within was released in the Autumn of 2015, and details the life’s work of paranormal investigator Jayne Harris. 

Also in 2015, Dan was shortlisted for the prestigious position of Staffordshire Poet Laureate 2016-2018. 

In 2017, Neverlight was shortlisted for the first annual Arnold Bennett Literary Prize. His fourth collection Just Eventide was released in August of the same year. 

2017 also saw the release of Dan’s historical novella Crippen, courtesy again of Spectral Press. 

An accomplished playwright, Dan was winner of the 2017 Soundwork UK play competition, a finalist in the Blackshaw Showcase Award 2016, and a two-time finalist of the Congleton Players One Act Festival, 2016. Dan has had several of his plays appear at festivals and fringe events. The Dead Stage, a book detailing Dan’s experiences as a novice playwright was published courtesy of Crystal Lake Publishing in October, 2018 

In 2019, Dan was nominated for a Local Heroes award (The Sentinel) for his continued promotion of literacy and mental health issues in the city of Stoke on Trent. 

2019 also saw the release of his non-fiction title Sounds of a Madman, where Dan discusses the issues surrounding living with Depression and Anxiety. The Necessary Evils followed in late October (Demain Publishing), followed by The Tainted Isle, Dan’s debut novel, courtesy of PS Publishing. 

In 2020, Dan became a contributor for CreepyPastaStories and Chilling Tales For Dark Nights. 

Dan is an active member of the Horror Writers Association and is represented by the Cherry Weiner Literary Agency, USA. 

More about him can be found at: www.fatherdarkness.com

Twitter: @FatherDarkness

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