{Cover Reveal} Nosetouch Press announces ‘Norm’ the third volume of D.T. Neal’s Wolfshadow Trilogy.

Nosetouch Press announces Norm, the final volume of the Wolfshadow Trilogy 

It’s been eight years since Zooey’s lycanthropic insurrection—known as the Happening—broke out across the country.

Werewolves are everywhere and nowhere at once, ignored and disregarded by the media and officially denied by the government. Norm Stockwell, an elite, paranormal counterinsurgency agent, is desperate to reclaim his former life in the face of the ongoing lycanthropic epidemic. Working with members of the secret society of the Synowie Srebra,

Norm hunts down the ever-elusive Ansel Rupino in an effort to put an end to the Happening once and for all. All that stands in his way are highly organized pack-gangs of Lupines who prowl the bloody streets of Chicago by the light of the moon, in their relentless, instinctive search for prey.

CHICAGO—Nosetouch Press announces the third and final volume of the Wolfshadow Trilogy in the horror-thriller, Norm, including all-new cover designs.

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The Wolfshadow Trilogy follows several characters over the course of eight years since the start of the series with Saamaanthaa,” said D.T. Neal, author of the series. “The Happening ended on a cliffhanger and I felt an obligation to get to a satisfying conclusion for readers of the series.”

We’re thrilled to be doing new cover designs for the books,” said Christine Scott, creative director and co-publisher of Nosetouch Press. “I’m confident that readers will understand and appreciate the werewolves in this trilogy. There are a lot of new characters, as well as ones from the first two books. And the new designs really bring out the werewolf aspect of the fiction.”

While I think there are plenty of spinoff opportunities in this final book,” Neal said. “I’m also satisfied that Norm will bring a sense of closure to readers of the series. I’m not planning to do any spinoffs at this time, but I can’t rule that out, either.”

The Wolfshadow Trilogy by D.T. Neal features three werewolf novels, SAAMAANTHAA, THE HAPPENING, and NORM. Starting with a fateful interaction with the werewolf, Ansel Rupino, the title character of SAAMAANTHAA becomes infected with lycanthropy, which she eventually sees as a means of unique artistic expression. This view causes chaos, bloodshed, and death in her life, particularly among her closest friends. It also leads to the infection of Zooey Hummel, who gleefully starts a lycanthropic insurrection in THE HAPPENING. Her infectious revolution tears through both Chicago and the country at large, eventually reaching a climax in NORM, where vicious lycanthropic factions secretly vie for power and influence in a world ravaged by the Lupine epidemic, and Ansel fights for redemption for all the trouble he’s caused, while the title character seeks to end the lycanthropic epidemic for good.

The Wolfshadow Trilogy runs wildly in a world of darkly comic horror, scathing social commentary, pop-cultural references, and horror-thriller territory that will dazzle both casual readers and thrill fans of werewolf fiction everywhere.

Nosetouch Press is an independent book publisher tandemly based in Chicago and Pittsburgh, with a commitment to bringing classical book design and excellent fiction to readers everywhere.

The Happening

Zooey’s werewolf insurrection has exploded beyond the confines of the city of Chicago, appearing throughout the country, with only the members of a secret government agency to stop it. Meanwhile, Polly seeks to rebuild her life in the wake of her own infection, and Ansel recovers from his near-death at the hands of the werewolf killers who stalked him. While Zooey fights to make her lycanthropic revolution spread, her adversaries work together to try to overcome it, and the monstrous evil that grows inside them. But will they be too late?

You can buy The Happening from Amazon UK & Amazon US


Something’s been eating Samantha Hain’s friends, and she’s more than a little afraid it might be her! Set in Chicago in 2007, “Saamaanthaa” tracks the life of a 20-something performance artist who, along with her hipster friends, sees herself as a cultural subversive in a world full of norms. A fateful night with an enigmatic artist leads Sam to being infected with lycanthropy, which causes her world to turn inside out as the affliction overtakes her. She finds gruesome and destructive inspiration in her malady, and creative expression as well. The story propels her through Chicago’s streets and neighborhoods, with increasingly horrific results for herself, her friends, and even the world. Part black comedy, part satire, all horror novel, “Saamaanthaa” offers a uniquely literary take on the werewolf mythos, and builds to an unforgettable, grisly climax.

You can buy Saamaanthaa from Amazon UK & Amazon US

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