{Cover Reveal} Jezzy Wolfe’s Monstrum Poetica Coming from Raw Dog Screaming Press in September

Cover Reveal for Jezzy Wolfe’s Monstrum Poetica Coming from Raw Dog Screaming Press in September

Dark poetry fans can start cheering again for there is a new collection on the horizon for them to sink their teeth into. This summer, Jezzy Wolfe’s debut poetry collection Monstrum Poetica will make a splash from Raw Dog Screaming Press. Get your first view here with a reveal of this spectacular cover by acclaimed artist Steven Archer.

It will publish September 2, 2021, with a foreword by New York Times best-selling author Jonathan Maberry. RDSP is thrilled to house some of the strongest dark poetry voices, new and veteran, in their publishing kennel, and this is a wonderful addition.

“The creature on the cover is a twisted, sinister, and faceless figure that appears both familiar and unfamiliar,” Wolfe said. “I love its unsettling ambiguity and feel like it perfectly represents some of the nightmares found within the pages of my collection.”

The pre-order link is now open at Raw Dog Screaming and all pre-orders will send signed by the author!

Just as much a dark, lyrical vision as a field guide to things that go bump in the night. There are monsters in this collection that will not leave you alone. There are turns of phrase that will do the same. You didn’t think you could get truly scared from a poem? Think again.”

Josh Malerman, New York Times best-selling author of Bird Box and Malorie

Steven Archer, Biography

Steven Archer is an artist and musician living near Baltimore, MD. He has a BFA from the Corcoran School of Art in Washington DC and has shown his work at galleries and other venues throughout the east coast. His illustrated edition of The Masque of the Red Death by Edgar Allan Poe was nominated for a Bram Stoker Award.

He is the author and illustrator of the children’s book Luna Maris and he frequently does commission work as well as book covers. His solo music project, Stoneburner, was recently signed to COP International Records and he is half of the dark wave gothic rock duo Ego Likeness (Metropolis Records). For more information about Ego Likeness, please visit www.egolikeness.com.

What Can You Expect?

Everyone loves a good monster. They are the mysterious foe that haunts our nightmares. They are behind the strange, unidentified noises in the middle of the night. The suspicious creak in our closets or scratches under our beds. The shadows that hide as soon as we spin around. We are simultaneously terrified and enthralled by the creatures of our fantasies.

“As children, we are told to fear what lurks in the dark,” Wolfe said. “Our nightmares are haunted by the faceless evils hovering just beyond our vision. We put faces to those shadows as we grow older, to make them less terrifying… even when they look a little too much like the reflection in the mirror. Monstrum Poetica is my ode to those creatures that wait under our beds, chase us through corridors, and hide their faces in the dark. The familiar unfamiliars that teach us to scream.”

Monstrum Poetica features the monsters we know best, as well as monsters from all over the world that are wonderfully creepy and terrifying. In fifty short poems she explores seventeen of these fantastic beasts from darkest folklore and legends.

In his foreword, Maberry said, “It’s always a delight when I discover a new poet whose star is on the rise. The poems are short, more like daggers than swords, and they pierce the heart and the mind. They are dark and witty, insightful, and dreadful.”

Further Praise

For those who appreciate dark poetry, herein is a tasty dish of disturbing poems, thanks to the language skills of an accomplished word-monger. Each and all, terrifyingly original. Rest assured, there’s not a tired or trite poem in this outstanding collection!”

Marge Simon, multiple Bram Stoker Award Winner, SFPA Grand Master

Wolfe creates fables in this collection, using shapes and spaces to make a roadmap to order, chaos, and the un-making of the familiar; inserting nightmares into wakening moments through an uncanny, beautiful mixture of images.”

Linda D. Addison, award-winning author, HWA Lifetime Achievement Award recipient and SFPA Grand Master

Jezzy Wolfe, Biography

Jezzy Wolfe is a poet and author who has appeared in numerous anthologies and publications, such as Smart Rhino’s Zippered Flesh trilogy and the Insidious Assassins anthology, Crystal Lake’s Shallow Waters anthology, Western Legends’ Unnatural Tales of the Jackalope, and Space & Time Magazine, to name a few.

When she is not hiking trails or being chased by her ferrets, you can find her on her blog at www.jezzywolfe.wordpress.com, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/jezzywolfeauthor, and on Twitter at @JezzyWolfe.

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