{Cover Reveal} From Day One – A Year 47 Omnibus. A Stunning Multi-Media Release From The Brilliant Mind Of Bo Chappell


A Year 47 Omnibus

Release Date: Dec. 7th, 2021

“There is no heaven anymore.

There is no hell.

There just is.”

To commemorate the 5th anniversary of the best selling novel YEAR 47 comes an omnibus of biblical proportions. FROM DAY ONE collects three books spanning the last five years and presents their stories for the first time in chronological order.

Start your journey into the New West with tales from both the prequel anthology (BY YEAR’S END) and the companion book (MISSING DAYS REMEMBERED). Then end your adventures where it all started with the newest edition of the original survival horror western (YEAR 47). Read what happens to a world thrown backwards, struggling to survive decade after decade from the repercussions of God dying.

In addition to newly restored scenes and dialogue, enjoy two all new short stories (never before published and exclusive to this release) from Leo X. Robertson (UNFORTUNATES, GREEV) and S. Alessandro Martinez (HELMINTH)

Joining creator Bo Chappell are some of the great indie writers in the horror community, including:

S.E. Casey

Liam Gil

B.P. Gregory

Baylea Hart

SR Jones

Shawn-Andrew Lachance

Charity Langley

S. Alessandro Martinez

A.A. Medina

Renee Miller

Leo X. Robertson

Anya Stanley

Lachlan Watt

Dustin Schyler Yoak

Included with each copy is a link to download a digital gift set full of special features which include ebooks, exclusive artwork, print ads, videos, and a complete soundtrack by Ghosts of Shadow Moses.

Whether you’re a first time reader or a long time fan, come take a walk with the children of an abandoned God in a new frontier as they try to answer the lingering question.


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Bo Chappell

I was one of those lonely kids who played by himself, running around the yard in a vinyl cape and plastic Batman mask in the middle of Summer. My overactive imagination fed on the emptiness of free time, being filtered through comics, video games, action figures, cartoons, and VHS.

So eventually my brain came up with the craziest ideas and wanted to tell all its stories to anyone who wanted to hear them. My first novel, “Year 47”, is one of those stories. You know, the typical post-apocalyptic, survival-horror western.

So, now I await and see where my brain takes me next. Wanna come? I’d love the company. Watch your head though.

Also, look for me as infrafan at your local internet.

You can find out more about Bo through his official website www.bochappell.wordpress.com

You can follow Bo on Twitter @infrafan

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