{Competition} To celebrate the release of Lullabies For Suffering you can win 8 signed books featuring Caroline Kepnes, Kealan Patrick Burke, Mercedes M. Yardley, John F.D. Taff, Mark Matthews & Gabino Iglesias.

It’s happening!

Lullabies for Suffering: Tales of Addiction Horror,

is now available for presale for Kindle on Amazon.

Kindle and Paperback Preorder on Amazon

Paperback Preorder on Barnes & Noble

I’m incredibly excited to unleash this work onto the world. I can’t wait for readers to feast their eyes on these Novellas & Novelettes. The table of contents includes:

Kealan Patrick Burke, Caroline Kepnes

Gabino Iglesias, John FD Taff

Mercedes M Yardley, Mark Matthews

Pre-purchase a copy now and in less than 90 days the anthology will appear on your kindle overnight or ship to your front door.

Why preorder?” You ask. Two reasons:

A: Save off the publication price. Just $4.99 to preorder for Kindle.

B: Win a signed paperback copy from one of the writers on the table of contents. Yep! Signed copies from randomly raffled off.

Here’s what’s waiting:

How to win?” You ask. Two ways:

A: Email a receipt of proof of a presale purchase of Lullabies for Suffering (either paperback or Kindle version) to WickedRunPress@gmail.com with “contest” in the subject line.

(For best results, list your order of paperback preference, and 1st winner will receive top pick, 2nd winner will receive top available pick, etc..)

B: For an additional entry, send a screenshot of a Tweet, Facebook or Instagram post featuring this amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Lullabies-Suffering-Tales-Addiction-Horror-ebook/dp/B07Z5FXFJB/ with some variation of the phrase: “Come, listen to these Lullabies for Suffering” (or anything similar) (for a no-purchase necessary entry, simply email option B)

Two ways to enter. Do one, or do both.

Winners will be chosen at random on January 1st, 2020. Deadline is midnight on December 31st, 2019. Winning copies shipped shortly after.

There will be Six Paperback winners!

Once again, Here’s what the treasure that awaits.

1. YOU, signed by author Caroline Kepnes

“Hypnotic and scary,” Stephen King said of YOU, now available as must-binge TV on Netflix.

2. We Live Inside Your Eyes, signed by author Kealan Patrick Burke

His mastery of the short story is on display here, and this collection weaves the stories together with fantastic creativity.

3. Apocalyptic Montessa and Nuclear Lulu: A Tale of Atomic Love, signed by author Mercedes M. Yardley

The whimsical, dark fantasist writes love stories like none other, and her Lullabies for Suffering story takes place within this same universe and includes a cameo by Montessa and Lulu.

4. Little Black Spots, signed by author John FD Taff (plus Book one of The Fearing)

Includes the Bram Stoker nominated story, “A Winter’s Tale.” You also get a copy of Book One of The Fearing (unsigned, but a must-read) if you win this copy.

5. Garden of Fiends AND All Smoke Rises, signed by author Mark Matthews (one copy of both)

“Tense, imaginative, and empathic, Matthews is a damn good writer, and make no mistake, he will hurt you. ”–Jack Ketchum

6. Coyote Songs AND Zero Saints, signed by Gabino Iglesias

Win a signed copy of both Zero Saints and the ground-breaking, mind-blowing, beautifully lyrical, Bram Stoker nominated, Coyote Songs. Enter now!

Two options to win.

1. A presale purchase receipt, of either paperback or kindle.

Click here for Amazon

Click here for Barnes & Noble

2. A screenshot of a social media post which includes amazon presale link https://www.amazon.com/Lullabies-Suffering-Tales-Addiction-Horror-ebook/dp/B07Z5FXFJB/

Put “contest” in the subject line and email to: WickedRunPress@gmail.com

Do one or do both. (For best results, list your order of paperback preference, and 1st winner will receive top pick, 2nd winner will receive top available pick, etc.. )

Deadline is December 31st, 2019, when the clock strikes midnight and the decade ends.

Sorry, continental US only.

That’s it! Thanks for listening, and may the odds be in your favor.



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