{Competition} Kendall Reviews Horror Fans Fantasy Football: Week 8 Update

Kendall Reviews Horror Fans Fantasy Football

Week 8 Update

Highest Scorer Of The Week

  1. Slap Dash FC (Dan Howarth) 106

Dan had the 608th highest score in the entire competition this week with an outstanding 106 points. Congratulations Dan, an incredible effort.

Kendall Reviews Horror Fans Top 3

  1. DEMAIN (Dean Drinkel) (63) 509

  2. Saladamhot (Steven Savile) (71) 502
  3. Rockatansky FC (Pat Cattigan) (59) 469

The top 3 stays the same and remains tighter than a nun chuff. All could be so different if Harry (one-man team) Kane hadn’t scored a last-minute winner for those bloody Spurs.

A frankly pathetic 34 points this week from Kitt. Murder Pals were the 6.823,108th highest-scoring team this week. Kit should be thankful he had Zaha captained otherwise he could have been a strong contender for the wooden spoon. Shocking!

Kendall Reviews Horror Fans Loser Of The Week

  1. Murder Pals (Kit Man) 34

Gavin Kendall

I’m living in the South-East of England between London and Brighton. I’ve been married to Laura since 2000 and have two daughters. (Emily & Freya). I’ve always had a passion for horror and decided, as a hobby, that I’d like to create a blog to showcase this fascination with the darker genres.

I started Kendall Reviews in January 2017, initially to host my reviews of books and music that I had in my sizeable collections. Pretty quickly, this became a passion project and morphed into a blog that wanted to help PROMOTE HORROR.

I want to thank all the people that interact with the blog and of course to the rest of the Kendall Reviews team.

Please find all my contact details here

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