{Competition} Kendall Reviews Horror Fans Fantasy Football: Week 2 Update

Kendall Reviews Horror Fans Fantasy Football

Week 2 Update

The league table is looking healthy with 13 entrants all looking to battle it out to be the champion at the end of the season. From a personal point of view, Week 1 was a complete disaster, but I was confident in Week 2 my squad would get their act together. This kinda happened, but all was ruined as Spurs decided to score 5 goals between two players and my half decent performance actually meant I went down two places as teams with Son and Kane surged up the league. That’s a painful kick to the cobblers for me as an Arsenal fan (and I had triple Captained Aubameyang expecting a blitz against a crap West Ham).

Just goes to show football is a funny old game, last weeks losers are now winners, Spurs looked good for 90 minutes and a handball is now given based on the length of your shirt sleeves.

Highest Scorer Of The Week

  1. DEMAIN (Dean Drinkel) 108

From Loser Of The Week to the Highest Scorer, 108 points is a fantastic response by Dean and was the 52,359 highest score overall.

Kendall Reviews Horror Fans Top 3

  1. Rockatansky FC (Pat Cattigan) (65) 141

  2. Santa Fe Spurs (David Wood) (81) 135

  3. Demain (Dean Drinkel) (108) 132

Suddenly the league is looking a lot tighter. Only 40 points separate 10th position from the top but Pat managed to hold on with a slightly reduced lead. Let’s face it, Spurs arent going to score like that again so we can put this week down to a freak.

So in a Gameweek where Son scored 24 points on his own it’s remarkable our lowest scorer of the week managed only 33 points with his full squad. 6.678,420 managers are taking part in this competition and our lowest scorer came in at position 6,121,694th.

Kendall Reviews Horror Fans Loser Of The Week

  1. Kit Mann (Murder Pals) 33

Joining the league couldn’t be easier. Simply use the link below and you’ll be added automatically after you’ve entered the game.


League Code: xac7jm

When you join can you please add your Twitter handle to the bottom of my pinned tweet. This way I can keep tabs that the entrants are indeed from the horror/book community. If you have not done this and I don’t recognise your name I will delete you from the League.

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I started Kendall Reviews in January 2017, initially to host my reviews of books and music that I had in my sizeable collections. Pretty quickly, this became a passion project and morphed into a blog that wanted to help PROMOTE HORROR.

I want to thank all the people that interact with the blog and of course to the rest of the Kendall Reviews team.

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