{Competition} Kendall Reviews Horror Fans Fantasy Football: Week 1 Update

Kendall Reviews Horror Fans Fantasy Football

Week 1 Update

I’m delighted that Kendall Reviews enthusiasm for starting a Fantasy Football League for Horror Fans was matched by a few willing participants. Thank you to all who have entered and here’s to a high scoring season.

After a somewhat pathetic Week One performance by myself I’m already thinking it was a disastrous idea as I languish near the bottom of the league and look up at a variety of managers who had the audacity to either have hat-trick hero Mo Salah or pretty much every bloody player score. So, without further delay, the highest scorer this week is…

Kendall Reviews Horror Fans

Highest Scorer Of The Week

  1. Rockatansky FC (Pat Cattigan) 80

Yes, it’s a marathon not a sprint, a game of two halves, etc etc but the current top 3 consists of…

Kendall Reviews Horror Fans Top 3

  1. Rockatansky FC (Pat Cattigan) 80

  2. Grays Sports Almanac (Jason Whittle) 70

  3. Suedehead Town (Grant Longstaff) 64

For every winner (Congratulations Pat), there has to be a loser. This performance was an absolute shocker. The fixture list was obviously not consulted prior to the team being picked. This Fantasy Football Competition has 6,200,864 entrants in total, our loser of the week managed to finish 5,326,268th. Rubbish!

Kendall Reviews Horror Fans Loser Of The Week

  1. DEMAIN (Dean Drinkel) 24

It’s not too late to join the League, Mark West is joining in for Week Two and you could as well. Just follow the simple instructions. It’ll be good to see you.

Joining the league couldn’t be easier. Simply use the link below and you’ll be added automatically after you’ve entered the game.


League Code: xac7jm

When you join can you please add your Twitter handle to the bottom of my pinned tweet. This way I can keep tabs that the entrants are indeed from the horror/book community. If you have not done this and I don’t recognise your name I will delete you from the League.

Gavin Kendall

I’m living in the South-East of England between London and Brighton. I’ve been married to Laura since 2000 and have two daughters. (Emily & Freya). I’ve always had a passion for horror and decided, as a hobby, that I’d like to create a blog to showcase this fascination with the darker genres.

I started Kendall Reviews in January 2017, initially to host my reviews of books and music that I had in my sizeable collections. Pretty quickly, this became a passion project and morphed into a blog that wanted to help PROMOTE HORROR.

I want to thank all the people that interact with the blog and of course to the rest of the Kendall Reviews team.

Please find all my contact details here

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