{Comic Review} The Island Of Dr Moreau #2: Ted Adams & Gabriel Rodríguez (Adaptation), Gabriel Rodríguez (Artist/Cover Artist), IDW Publishing

The Island Of Dr Moreau #2

Ted Adams & Gabriel Rodríguez (Adaptation) • Gabriel Rodríguez (Artist/Cover Artist) • IDW Publishing

Reviewed By A.S. MacKenzie

  • Print Length: 35 pages
  • Publisher: IDW (October 2019)

Alright, let’s get some things straight out of the gate for this review: there were some issues. I bring this up not to dissuade you from the review, but to prepare you for why I am saying what I am when I give my impressions of this conclusion issue of this two-issue run of the classic story. The over-reaching impression of this review should end with “Wow, I should go buy it,” not “Well, he said there were issues.” Hopefully, this makes sense and now we can move forward.

In the conclusion to the classic horror story (see my review of Issue #1 for why it isn’t sci-fi), we are thrust immediately back into the action from a considerable previous cliffhanger. Our protagonist, Ellie Prendick, literally stumbles into a meeting of the human-animal hybrids and their law-keeper going over the laws that govern their stay on the island. When the good Doctor shows, she immediately tries to flee and is chased down and cornered. After a standoff with Doc and his right-hand-man, Montgomery, Ellie begrudgingly returns to the cabin.

Now, this is where I have some issues. While the story did progress in the way that the original did, here in this format it felt lightning quick. There was really so very little time to develop the characterizations and relationships of the protagonists and antagonists. We went from things-are-OK to things-are-decidedly-not-OK in the span of a few frames. The pace was so elevated that it really felt like I missed some stuff and had to go back. While this was kind of annoying, I have to stress that it doesn’t take away from the story or any facet of the issues. These are excellent, modern retellings of the story from visionary creators and artists. I can’t say enough outstanding things about the overall production value, artistry, and creativity in these two issues. It really comes down to what I think is a missing middle issue.

These two issues are simply not enough. There truly needs to be so much more shown of the story in order to see how nuanced, poignant, and creative the story is and how it was reimagined in this format. A middle issue to spread this out would have done such a great service to this that it could have easily become the preferred iteration of this generation. Unfortunately, as it is, there is that nagging impression that things went too quickly.

I hope now you can see why I wanted to state that there are issues, but I don’t think they are insurmountable and will take away from what will surely be a treasured part of your collection.

Gabriel Rodriguez and Ted Adams deserve recognition and encouragement for taking on this project. My only hope is that they will do some more adaptations in the near future. Just, maybe with three issues instead of two.

The Island Of Dr Moreau #2

The action ramps up as Ellie learns more about Moreau’s experiments on the animals that have been brought to the island. At the same time, the animals start to question the authority of the man who changed them. Will Moreau’s hubris lead to his own downfall? Will Ellie escape the island? Find out in The Island of Dr. Moreau #2.

You can buy The Island Of Dr Moreau #2 from IDW Publishing

A. S. MacKenzie

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