{Book Review} Worship Me: Craig Stewart

Worship Me: Craig Stewart

Reviewed By Steve Stred

First, big thanks to Hellbound Books for sending this my way. This is a publisher that likes to release pretty horrific releases and I can’t thank them enough for contacting me.

Stewart wastes no time in throwing us into the woods. Something stirs and comes forth. Something the townspeople have no idea is heading towards their town, ready to wreak havoc.

Stewart bounces back and forth between this God, this entity and the people of the town, which gives us a fun POV shift as things go full Pete Tong.

I loved how visceral Stewart makes this story. As the Behemoth begins to kill without care, Stewart ensures there are no boundaries for the victims and the story is elevated because of this.

I found a few spots that I didn’t connect with, but that happens and was more on me than the writing or story.

I do love when dark subject matter is taken to dark places and Stewart was never afraid to go there, and here he firmly planted his flag in that territory and decided to stake claim to more and more ground.

The townsfolk all felt real and believable which was a bonus. One thing I found though, was much like when I read George RR Martin, as people begin to be killed off at an increasing rate, I detached from any caring, not sure if any of them would survive to the end.

Overall, I had a fun time but felt a bit let down with my own experience here, not connecting as much as I thought it would. It may be theme burn out, as I’ve read a number of similarly themed books this year and even released a religious cult story myself. While this may be why for me, it certainly may well be the exact reason you should read this.

A fun, gory, romp through a small town –can’t go wrong there.

Worship Me

Something is listening to the prayers of St. Paul’s United Church, but it’s not the god they asked for; it’s something much, much older.

A quiet Sunday service turns into a living hell when this ancient entity descends upon the house of worship and claims the congregation for its own. The terrified churchgoers must now prove their loyalty to their new god by giving it one of their children or in two days time it will return and destroy them all.

As fear rips the congregation apart, it becomes clear that if they’re to survive this untold horror, the faithful must become the faithless and enter into a battle against God itself. But as time runs out, they discover that true monsters come not from heaven or hell…

…they come from within.

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