{Book Review} White: Tim Lebbon

White: Tim Lebbon

Reviewed By Steve Stred

I’ve read 3 or 4 of Tim’s works now and he’s quickly grown into a must-read author for me. From ‘The Silence‘ and ‘Eden‘ it seems like Tim spends a fair amount of time pondering the end of humanity and what the survivors must deal with.

I snagged ‘White‘ when the COVID-19 Pandemic broke and Tim offered a number of his works for free. 

What I liked: I typically don’t mention my own works in reviews, but if you’ve followed my writing side you know how much I love isolation stories and snow stories. ‘White‘ is both. The world has been struck by a mysterious infliction and at the same time scattered reports have surfaced suggesting Nuclear weapons were deployed. Shortly after, it began to snow.

We are introduced to a group of survivors, stuck in a manor with no means to escape.

I loved the tension that played out between the characters, and while this is a fast read, it feels like a full-length novel. We get backstories and revelations about characters and then, of course, some of the group spot movement outside.

What I didn’t like: While this did feel like a longer read, I so desperately wanted to know more about what was going on, what the movements were and when an overturned boat is mentioned, I mentally begged Tim for a follow-up!

Why you should buy this: I was actually startled by the similarities between what Tim described almost a decade ago and today’s world. So, if you’re looking for an unlikely topical read, this fits the bill. Otherwise, if you’re like me, and love a survival story about people trapped and snowbound, this one is perfect!


Winner of the British Fantasy Award, selected for several ‘Best of’ anthologies, optioned for the big screen!

First comes the Ruin. Society crumbles. Then comes the snow. A handful of survivors flee to a Cornish mansion, seeking peace and safety. Instead they find themselves under siege from the things now inhabiting the snowscape outside … fleeting, terrifying things seen from the corner of the eye.

And as the danger and horror builds, they come to learn that there are also enemies within.

You can buy White from Amazon UK & Amazon US

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